Hilarious video shows two women attempting to empty paddling pool

Viewers left in hysterics at clip of two sisters trying to empty a paddling pool into the garden – before it all ends in disaster

  • The hilarious video was posted by influencer Bonnie Barry, 45, of Surrey  
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The hot weather has finally come to the UK, which means Britons across the nation are dusting off their barbecues and setting out their paddling pools. 

But two sisters from Farnham, Surrey, found themselves in cold water when they tried to empty their temporary pool into the garden. 

A video posted on Instagram by Bonnie Barry, 45, founder of the agency Mumfluencer, and her sister model and author Louise Boyce, 42, showed the pair struggling to drain their paddling pool.

After battling to try and overturn the paddling pool, the pair end up face down in the water. Upon their second attempt, the same thing happens again.

Eventually, they somehow manage to pour the water onto the flower bed, leaving them laughing hysterically and soaking wet.

The video, which has more than 30million views, was accompanied by a message from Louise, asking for any tips on how to empty a pool.

After watching the hilarious failed attempts, people commented to tell the sisters they had made their day.  

One wrote:  ‘Each slip I laughed even harder.’

The video shows the sisters attempting to empty the paddling pool full of water – with hilarious consequences 

Both the sisters ended up falling right into the water – and then did it again a second time in their quest to empty the pool 

Time for a swim? The video shows the sisters repeatedly falling in as they empty their pool after enjoying the water 

The comments on Instagram showed people were divided on the best way to empty a paddling pool 

Another said: ‘Can’t believe you carried on after the first soaking.’

And many gave tips on the best way to empty a pool, in case the sisters needed it. 

One wrote: ‘Empty it with a bucket. Then tip when there’s about two inches left.’

Another added, ‘I use a watering can rather than a bucket and use the leftover water to water the plants.

‘Plus I get the kids to help. Bonus.’ 

One questioned whether they had thought of using the plug, to which Louise replied they had but it hadn’t done much. 

Someone then added, ‘Where the plug is at the bottom, prop it up with pool toy so it can let the majority of the water out and then it’s easier to empty.’

But another said, ‘The easier way is to deflate the pool and the water will drain on its own.’

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