Holby City spoilers: Who dies as trailer shows hospital shooting?

Holby City is currently off air for the Christmas period, returning on January 5, but to let the audience know of what’s in store when the show returns, Metro.co.uk are giving fans the exclusive first look before anyone else.

In the short trailer we see we can already establish 2021 is going to be a huge year for the staff at Holby City Hospital. From a drugs search, to Jodie Rodgers (Sian Reese-Williams) still getting her claws into Beka (Francesca Barrett) and Sacha’s (Bob Barrett) lives, there is so much going on when the show returns in the new year, so let’s take a detailed look into the trailer and bring you all the spoilers from it:

Who dies in the hospital shooting?

Let’s talk about the biggest moment from the trailer – the shooting. The final parts of the trailer show a heavy police presence in and around the hospital, as well as a major incident being declared, and moments before the trailer ends, we see Nicky (Belinda Owusu) jumping at the sound of a gunshot. The gun goes off on Darwin Ward, which makes the chances of it being something to do with dodgy Jodie and Sacha pretty low, so could it be in relation to Kian (Ramin Karimloo) and his drug problem? Could someone be out to get him? Or maybe it’s simply someone nobody knows who’s made their way into the hospital? If it is, why are they on Darwin Ward, and who are they out to get?

And most importantly, will anyone die after the gun goes off? Here’s hoping it’s not Jac (Rosie Marcel), the last time she got shot a certain mad professor nearly killed her…

Kian’s drug problem continues

Viewers watched Kian and Jac begin a relationship this year but while Jac currently thinks her relationship with Kian is progressing well, when we left the show last week, she was unaware that he’s still fighting a drug addiction.

In the trailer, we see Kian in a dark place. With Max’s (Jo Martin) voice layering over the top of the clips, we learn drug dealing in the hospital has become a huge problem. Jac is seen in the trailer walking in on Kian looking for some drugs – could this be the moment Jac finds how the severity of Kian’s addiction? Or could discovering her partner has a drug problem already have happened?

Kian and Jac’s relationship tested already

Poor Jac thought Kian was the perfect man, and with the trailer showing her discovering Kian with some drugs, their relationship is being tested already. Could Jac split with Kian because he hid this huge secret from her? However, let’s not forget Jac was the first one to say, ‘I love you’, could her love for Kian be so strong she decides to stay with him and help him manage his addiction? If she does do this, Kian potentially going back to the drugs is only setting Jac up for a major fall.

More of the F1s

The three new F1s have been put through their paces so far and in the trailer, we see them spending time on AAU. ‘Keep up, stay alert’ Ange (Dawn Steele) says in the clip – but will all of them cope? We haven’t seen a great deal of Jeong (Chan Woo Lim) since he started, perhaps his shifts on AAU will see him shine?

In terms of the other newbies, Josh (Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge) is seen in the trailer flirting with Ange (again). Could a surprising relationship be on the cards for these two?

Skylar under pressure

We’ve already established Skylar (Phoebe Pryce) has links to the chairman of the Holby City board, and the trailer sees the young doctor under quite a lot of pressure from Mr ‘I’m a young and impressive doctor’ Cameron Dunn (Nic Jackman).

We know soon enough, one of these F1s will disappear and move to St James’, and with the next few clips showing Skylar struggling, could she be the one on the way out? We also hear Skylar saying ‘I never wanted to hurt anyone’ – did she hurt a patient? Or even worse, kill someone? As Cameron is so desperate to make sure people know he’s the best young doctor in the hospital, how much has his manipulative and controlling behaviour impacted whatever has happened to Skylar?

Jodie’s behaviour spirals

It was only in the episode before the show went off air that we saw the true side to Jodie. She is someone out to have Sacha all to herself, and as we saw, even prepared to poison Sacha’s daughter.

The trailer shows Beka in hospital with Jodie hiding her true personality behind her friendly façade. Moments later, Sacha confronts Jodie, asking her what she did to his daughter – so what state will Beka end up in? How far is this troubled character prepared to go so she can have grieving and struggling Sacha all to herself?

Holby City may be off our screens for now, but this trailer shows 2021 is going to be a year in the hospital the characters will never forget.

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