Holiday home in West Sussex with swimming pool and no council tax on sale for £20,000

A THREE-bed holiday home in West Sussex has gone on sale for just £20,000 – and it comes with a communal swimming pool and no council tax.

Located one and a half miles outside Chichester, the house is right next to a lake and should be a hit with nature lovers.

The property, which has been listed on Zoopla, comes with a stylish wrap around decking, double glazing and gas central heating.

It has an open plan kitchen and living room, a shower room and separate WC so it should be big enough even for slightly larger families.

With three bedrooms and two corner couches that fold out to create berths in the living room, the park home is actually big enough to house eight people at the same time.

It's located on the Lakeside Holiday development, where residents can enjoy off road parking, a swimming pool club house as well as takeaways and a laundry.

But while the home may sound amazing and like a bargain, there are also a few caveats.

For example, there are only 14 years remaining of the lease, which expires in 2033. After this, you'll need to renew it.

The park the property is located in currently also comes with yearly fees of £6,125, which amounts to almost £86,000 for the remainder of the lease – and that's on top of the £20,000 sale price.

Plus, you'd need to find a separate home for two weeks each year, as you're only allowed to reside in the property for 50 weeks a year.

Still keen to snap up the house? Keep in mind you can't get a mortgage to buy it as it's a park home.

That means you'd need to find the cash upfront or even put it on a credit card or loan.

Obviously, you'd need to find one with a low interest rate and pay it off within the term to avoid being charged extra.

There are also specialised lenders who will offer loans to help you buy a mobile home, they'll generally give you up to 80 per cent of the value of the house.

The park owner should be able to give you advice on what’s available for you.

As always, make sure you compare interest rates and carefully read through the terms and conditions before you splash out to find the best deal for you.

Mr Pryor said: "Fourteen years left on the lease of a park home (or static caravan) that you can’t live in all year isn’t a tempting offer.

"It may look like a good deal but you couldn’t get a mortgage to buy it but then at £20k you could almost stick it on a credit card.

"The annual park fees of £6,125 add up to £86k for the remainder of the lease – assuming that they aren’t increased.

"You’d have to be very brave to take this on and I’m afraid that I’m just too chicken."

Last month, a three-bed semi-detached house went on sale for £270,000 – and it's got its own pool and hot tub.

House prices vary massively depending on where you're buying. An entire row of five-bed houses can be bought in Middlesbrough for the same price as a single studio flat in London.

Meanwhile, a cowshed with no front or side walls has gone on sale for £150,000.

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