Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 19


Spending a few hours with a friend or relative who has been feeling under the weather will be your main intention. It will please you to find they are well on the road to recovery even though they still aren’t able to get out and socialise.


A social event will take you out of the area. After a hectic few days this will be a pleasant change. You’ve not had the chance lately to get out quite as much as you would have liked to and now you have the chance to make up for this.


It may be necessary to carry out some tense conversations away from a friend who gets uncomfortable with discord. Are you single? The moment a friendly and likeable person wanders across your path you will know you have found your soul-mate. They will feel the same way too.


You should not feel awkward or embarrassed about having to ask a close friend or relative to do you a favour. Whether you need assistance or advice, turn to someone who you trust and can depend on. If you promised to put a few hours aside to devote to a youngster in the family, don’t let them down.


It will feel as if you have never stopped. You’ve hardly had time to take a rest. At the same time you are seeing faster progress than anticipated on some issues that needed your attention. A young relative will be questioning their future and may need some practical guidance.


You had only intended to make a flying visit to a friend. What you won’t have expected is how you will turn up just when they need a hand with something they are working on. Since you are there you will roll up your sleeves and help out.

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Not keeping your mind on the job could cause complications. Frustrations and disappointments fill your mind. You just want to forget these for a short while and being able to concentrate on a task that needs your full attention will leave little room for negative thoughts to creep into your mind.


Think about what you could be letting yourself in for. Any dealings in dubious schemes could lead to more trouble than they are worth. Ask yourself whether the risk involved will be worth it and then act accordingly. Outstanding financial matters should be sorted out soon, before they get out of control.


Don’t feel as if what you have to say isn’t important. People do want to hear your views especially when everyone has got together to share ideas. Something that has been going on, on and off, for years in the family has finally put an end to much to your relief.


Some secret information that is told to you or that you discover through different ways and means needs to be kept confidential. Someone will try to persuade you of certain facts. It may be necessary to tell a white lie in order not to reveal it all.


The chance to take up something new will also take you closer to a special aim. It’s unlikely you will get much time to spend with your family and you will sense their disappointment but you cannot ignore this opportunity to make progress.


A recent disagreement is yet to be resolved. You’re strongly aware of the tension this is causing in a close relationship. Your emotions are getting in the way of your thinking and you’re finding it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is in your imagination.

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