Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, June 18

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Some deep discussions with your best friend or partner will lead you both into deciding what you should do next so you can both be happy and comfortable with plans. You might still feel a little nervous about your choice but it will be a good one.


New beginnings in your personal life give you something new to think about and consider. A strong desire to set your world to rights has led to this change. Not everyone will be supportive of your plans. You are more likely to receive cooperation if you give others a chance to seriously consider your proposals.


If your home life has been slightly strained or stressful, you might all get together now for a heart to heart discussion. It may take a lot of persuading but housemates who have not been getting on well, will eventually reach some sort of truce. At work, a team effort will be more successful than anticipated.


A job offer will fill you with excitement but you still have to get over the hurdle of handing in your notice in your existing employment. You don’t expect your boss to be pleased about you wanting to leave but they will not cause problems for you.


Tension in a close relationship is starting to affect your health. The way to sort out disagreement and contention will be by remaining patient and calm. Instead of flying off the handle try to keep a calm discussion going. You will win through, eventually.


A secret project you have been working on is due to be unveiled. Be ready to listen to constructive criticism as this may help you in time to come. If you hear some gossip or sense deceit is in the air you will want to do your best to make certain that an innocent party does not suffer.


Someone is keen on ideas that don’t interest you in any way. Remain firm when with a persuasive cousin, aunt or uncle who is trying to persuade you into doing something you would rather not do. Dig in your heels. Let people see you do have a mind of your own.


Someone from your past will be in touch or they will come into your thoughts. This will bring back memories you had half forgotten about. With this, you can’t help but have a think about your own life and whether you have achieved your aims for this time.


It’s always good to be in the company of friends and relatives who share similar interests. Having fun with other people will lift your spirits. Laughter is the best medicine and social activities will be both enjoyable and amusing. Someone will admit to having been taking themselves too seriously of late.


You know what you are doing and no-one will regret following your lead. Teamwork and cooperation will influence the success and happiness you get out of life now. This is a great time to take on a prominent role in a new club or society.


You aren’t getting enough out of your off-duty hours. You’re in need of something different and preferably activities that offer some kind of challenge. A creative friend might suggest you join forces to start on a project you will both enjoy. Don’t hesitate about your response if this interests you.


The daylight hours might seem to drag by. You will wish you had made arrangements with friends previously as now they all have plans of their own. Evening trends are made more interesting when someone from the past turns up on your doorstep.

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