Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for September 24

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An unexpected challenge will wake you up just as you are about to fall asleep out of boredom. You were starting to get bored with being bored and now you have something new to get your teeth into, you will be in your element.


A partner or housemate has got into a habit of relying on you to deal with finances and household chores. You’re always so well organised but this does not mean they should not pay their way or do their fair share. Spending some time alone could lead to an important inspiration.


You could do with some excitement but money is tight. Resist temptation in all areas. Keep sugar, fat and cigarettes to a minimum. Over-indulgence will be regretted as will over-spending. Choose pleasures that do not cost a lot. Someone in the family will be viewing some property and they’d appreciate it if you joined them.


You’re being expected to get involved in a new group effort and you know without asking that this means taking on responsibilities you could do without. When you turn down this offer, be prepared to stick with this decision when others try to persuade you to change your mind. You need to relax. Soak in a scented bath or enjoy a long nap.


Allowing someone to persuade you to enter a risky venture will only lead to regret. You know this so why tell yourself it might be a good idea? Occasionally it can be fun to act on impulse but this is not a good day to jump in without considering the likely consequences.


A big falling out with a friend is causing you deep emotional pain. You never dreamed you would argue with each other in this way and you can’t see how this friendship can now survive. You can see yourself having to say goodbye to something that meant a lot to you.


A community event or neighbourhood issue is causing you anxiety and sleepless nights. Are you unhappy with plans being made for your area or do you feel you have taken on more than you can chew? Discuss your worries with a local councillor or someone who may be in a position to help you.


Accept an unexpected offer to take a break from your usual routine. This should make for a refreshing change. If you are too tied up to be able to take advantage of this opportunity, think about broaching the idea of a holiday in the near future with your partner and family.


Sharing your thoughts with those you work with will sow the seeds for a more lucrative future. There shouldn’t be any problems persuading your family, friends and workmates to fall in with your plans. You have some great ideas on how to fill your time.


A heart to heart conversation will lead to some surprises. No-one will have expected you to be so candid when discussing your thoughts and feelings. They will know too that this doesn’t come easy for you and they will be grateful for your honesty.


Some recent stressful happenings will have put you in a solo mood. Someone has objected loudly to some of your ideas and this has upset you more than you will show. You would prefer to be left to your own devices to dream and scheme without anyone else’s comments or interference.


You don’t want to kill their enthusiasm altogether but you cannot keep up with a new friend’s expensive tastes. You might suggest you cannot join in with some of their plans unless they find a cheaper alternative. Someone needs to lower their sights and lower their spending limit.

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