‘Hot’ pregnant mum says ‘looks are a priority’ even when ready to pop

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    A self-confessed 'hot' pregnant mum admitted that looks are still her 'priority' – even though she is ready to pop at any moment.

    Blonde bombshell Jen Ferguson, 32, is no stranger to getting attention.

    She's racked up thousands of TikTok followers and is often inundated by horny 18-year-old lads.

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    The mum has found internet fame through her looks – and embracing her mum status.

    Parent to three boys already, Jen is heavily pregnant with her fourth child with husband Stephen.

    But that does not mean the bouts of sickness and restless nights have taken away her 'MILF' title.

    Due on October 18th, Jen revealed how she still manages to stay glam despite knowing her waters could break at any moment.

    Exclusively, Jen shared: "Even being pregnant, my looks are a priority.

    "I did everything I was able to safely do during pregnancy.

    "I get manicures and pedicures every two weeks, I get my hair done every five, I get massages and see the chiropractor every two weeks to keep my posture looking good and to be able to workout as much as my body allows.

    "I shop for whatever fits and looks good, makeup always on point and I keep up on the trends as always!

    "It’s not the hottest thing ever but you can definitely make changes to help that!"

    That includes keeping on top of your underwear drawer.

    Jen urged: "Don’t wear granny panties!

    "Wear the lacy thongs for your man or woman when possible. Not every day is going to be amazing, and some days you’ll literally want to die, but when you’re feeling up to it, go do something 'selfish' to keep you feeling and looking the best you can.

    However, it has not been an easy ride for pregnant Jen.

    "Not going to lie, it makes me miserable most days", the mum admitted.

    "Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful and blessed to be carrying a healthy baby that we prayed for, but it’s rough!

    "The first trimester you’re sick all the time, emotional and feeling like death. The second trimester isn’t so bad! Then the third trimester, you’re just huge and uncomfortable.

    "All for a good cause!"

    With the baby name already chosen, Jen is ready to give birth to Atlas at any moment – and can't wait for that 'hot' mum glow.

    She added: "I feel like my personality keeps me hot. I’m bold, sassy, funny and I know what I want in life. That’s hot!

    "I do appreciate seeing my face and booty filled out as it makes me look younger. The belly throws the look off, but as soon as baby Atlas arrives, I get to have that hot mom with new baby glow.

    "It might make me appear younger."


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