Houston Woman Claims Viral Video of Her Beating Terrified Puppy Came After It Attacked Her Child

Her five-year-old son was the target of kidnap threats after she was doxxed by an animal welfare group.

A Houston woman who was filmed beating a terrified puppy has claimed it was in self-defense.

The disturbing video racked up tens of thousands of views on Facebook after it was posted by an animal welfare non-profit group.

The California-based Kris Kelly Foundation also posted the woman’s name, email address, workplace and social media information, and even an incorrect home address.

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But the woman told Click2Houston that the dog had attacked her five year-old-son, and that she was now receiving death threats because of the doxxing.

The 40-second clip shows the puppy in the front passenger seat of a car, before a woman leans in and viscously kicks it; as the dog yelps in pain she continues to slap and beat it with both hands.

Warning: Graphic content 

The pup cowers in the footwell of the car while a crowd can be heard laughing and jeering; the terrified animal scrambles to escape to the back of the car, before another person enters the frame and attempts to punch it a number of times with a closed fist.

The woman, identified as Jay, told the site that her son Jace ran up to her crying, followed by a dog she had never seen before.

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“He fell,” she said. “When he fell, the dog jumped on top of him.”

She said she moved the dog, but it “came back again and scratched Jace behind the ear.”

She said the video picked up seconds after that, when the dog jumped into her car; she said she didn’t know who recorded it, nor the people who could be heard laughing in the background.

“I didn’t post the video,” she said. “That’s nothing to brag about, fighting a dog.”

She shared photos of the boy’s injuries, including scratches to his legs and face, and a small tear behind his ear.

Jay said she received so many death and kidnap threats after being doxxed that she couldn’t send her son to school: “I made a police report, I spoke to the detectives, and I showed them the pictures.”

According to the site, Houston Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit is investigating the incident; however Jay claimed the officer told her it is unlikely she will face any charges.

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