How do I tell my friend I'm falling for her without risking our friendship?

I am a guy of 17, she’s 16. I think about her all the time.

We’ve known each other since we were at primary school. My friends and my mum think she likes me a lot but I’m scared to make an approach.

I’ve asked female friends to tell me how to know whether a girl is interested but I still feel confused.

I think I might have a chance but I don’t want to ask her directly in case it ruins our friendship.

DEIDRE SAYS: Take the chance while it’s there or you risk losing her when she finds someone else.

Ask her out for a coffee or to see a film or a band. Tell her you like her a lot and you’d like to be more than just friends but will settle for friendship if that is all she wants.

Best of luck – and remember, you only live once.

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