How to save space in your wardrobes with these quick and easy hanging hacks

Sadly it has come to that time of year where the cold nights are starting to creep in and all we want to do it get cosy on the sofa.

This ultimately means that it's time to start to make the change from our summer wardrobes to our winter essentials.

Before we know it, the thick jumpers and cosy cardigans have taken up most of the space so we have very little remaining to hang the rest.

Have no worries as OK!'s Fashion Stylist and Writer Scott has some quick and easy tips to maximise the space in your wardrobes.

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For the first tip, you simply need to just swap out any chunky hangers that could be already taking up more room with slimmer alternatives.

The best to replace these with are velvet hangers as not only are they ultra thin, they're still sturdy enough to hang multiple items on one and they also have grip so you wont find your pieces on the floor when you go to wear them.

5x Velvet Hangers, Asda, £2 here.

Another hack which is genius involves collecting various pull rings that you find on canned drinks.

All you have to do for this is thread one hanger through one of the holes on the pull ring and then another hanger through the remaining hole.

This will connect multiple hangers so that you are only using one hanger to hang on the rail.

Top tip: You can even start hanging items by type or make getting dressed super easy in the morning by hanging your ensemble together — we can't believe we've never done this before!

Accessories Storage Hanger, Amazon, £9.99 here

We often find it a challenging task as to where to store accessories as we don't want to shove them in a drawer and forget about them.

Well, Amazon do a nifty hanger which is perfect for keeping your scarves, belts and even handbags all together and in one place, whilst not taking up lots of room.

So if you're avoiding the dreaded wardrobe swap, let this be your motivation to tackle the task.

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