How to survive this Venus retrograde – including taking a break from dating

The planet Venus went into retrograde on July 22, and won't be going direct until September 3, which could lead to a bumpy summer for some.

Venus, the planet of love being in retrograde during Leo season can lead to chaos in our relationships and leave people pondering what it is they really want in love – just look at all the recent celebrity splits for proof of this.

Spiritual mentor Lexie Wrightson has revealed her tips for surviving this tumultuous time, telling OK!: "Even though we are in Summer, the height of the year, we are being asked to go deep inside ourselves, see the patterns and behaviours that need to change and also to deeply examine our relationship with ourselves."

Lexie continued: "Rather than starting new relationships, take a step back. What do you really want? What do you need? What still needs healing?

"It’s time to examine and heal the emotional baggage. It's time to face the aspects of self that we prefer to keep hidden. It’s also time to review past mistakes and learn the lessons from these. For some it will be a make-or-break time.

"Rather than panicking about what is going to come up for you, use this time as an opportunity to transform."

Lexie has also shared with us her tips for getting through this Venus retrograde, stressing the need for self-care and recommending journalling through any complicated emotions or doubts.

This period is also the perfect time for getting to know yourself on a deeper level, and to reflect on and potentially even redefine your core beliefs and values.

You should also spend this time clearing out your social media feeds and reducing your screentime by spending more time outdoors just being yourself.

Lexie also warns against having a "retrograde regret", adding: "When your ex texts you…. do you really want the drama? Don't have retrograde regret by having one last dalliance with them."

Sharing further advice, she suggests that this may not be the best time for embarking on new relationships, explaining: "Don't rush into commitment to shore up a relationship. Wait until Venus goes direct on 3rd September."

And for those singletons looking for a 'hot girl summer' Lexie has some bad news, as she instead suggests that this may in fact be the perfect time to take a break from dating.

However, it's not all bad news, as Lexie finishes: "The good news? You will be clearer in who you are by 3rd September."

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