Husband’s hack allows pregnant wife to lie down at beach – melting hearts

Being pregnant means having to cut things out of your life, like booze and the tight fitting shoes you once loved.

However, for this one soon-to-be mum the thing she was missing the most was laying on the beach on her belly.

At 37 weeks pregnant, Secora Hawks thought she would have to wait until she gave birth to relax on the sand again.

But luckily for the brunette beauty, her husband was at hand to make pregnant life a little bit easier for her.

In a TikTok clip that has now racked up 7.8 million views, Secora revealed the clever trick she told her husband to do so she could soak up the sun and sights on the coast.

She wrote: “Making him go to the beach with me at 37 weeks pregnant to dig a hole so I can finally lay on my tummy.”

At first, Secora filmed herself in a green bandeau bikini top and matching bottoms as her partner stood behind and warped his arms around her big bump.

The doting husband then got to work and started to dig a bump sized hole in the sand with his bare hands.

He then placed a towel on top and started to mould the sand underneath.

And, it looked like it worked.

Secora then filmed herself as she laid on her front with her belly secure and safe in the hole. Genius!

Heart-warmed by her husband's gesture, many people fled to the comments to praise him for being so caring towards Secora.

One person commented: “My standards now. If he ain’t like this I don’t want it.”

Another user added:- “Also this is the cutest most loving gesture ever.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “He dug that hole and laid the blanket down so passionately.”

Someone else expressed: “I’m so emotional I’m literally crying at this.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user said: “Cute. Great idea.”

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