I despise my nappy fetish but hate lying to new girlfriend about it too

I am 37. That relationship lasted for seven years but ended when my partner found someone else.

Eventually I met someone new too and we get on really well. She is 33 and on the face of it, we have no secrets.

This fetish is not something I like about myself but there it is. It is not a condition I would wish on anybody. My dilemma is whether to tell her about it or not. I don’t want to lie. I try to repress my desires.

DEIDRE SAYS: This kind of fetish is quite common.

Your relationship has reached a stage where you have no secrets from one another, so now would be the time to tell your partner.

Explain that you do all you can to repress your desires and that you don’t like being the way you are. My e-leaflet on Fetish Worries can help her understand.

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