‘I earn £10k a day lip-syncing Katy Perry songs – there’s no point going to uni’

An A-level student has revealed how she earns a staggering £10,000 a day from TikTok.

Alicia Breuer, 17, has gone viral after videos of her miming Katy Perry have gone down a treat on social media.

She has over 740,000 followers, plus another 200,000 on Instagram thanks to her internet success.

The TikTok user earns her money by promoting fashion and cosmetic brands, like Urban Outfitters and Boohoo.

And to think, Alicia only turned to TikTok a year ago while she was bored during the lockdown.

She said: "It gave me something to do during the pandemic when I wasn't studying for my A-levels."

Alicia added: "If I'm now able to make £10,000 some days, I'm going to focus on my videos – there's no point going to university."

The social media start posted her first videos on TikTok last June.

She was quickly spotted by a leading digital talent manager which is when her money started to really roll in.

Now Alicia is pocketing more than her parents, independent financial advisers Frank and Tammy, who are in their 50s.

Tammy said: "I see my job as keeping Alicia grounded a bit. She's very ­excited by what's happening, and so are we."

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On top of her miming to Katy Perry, she's also done a few bangers by Drake, Justin Timberlake, the Sugababes and the Bee Gees.

Alicia also makes "transitions" where she records videos of her making a super fast outfit change.

She added: "The majority of my videos are lip syncing to music.

"None of them take too long. Even a transition video only takes an hour to make.

"I did a music promo for Alexa, where I lay in the plank position on my elbows and feet on the roof of a car, but it was removed because it was deemed dangerous if others tried it. So I had to film it on the stairs and the kitchen counter."

But Alicia admits her success leaves her mum slightly confused, even though she has her back all the way.

The star explained: "I wouldn't say she's hopeless on social media… she has downloaded my videos and gives them a look.

"She is still always on my back to do my school work. There's always time for other things, though.

"My form tutor and psychology tutor also know all about what I'm doing and they have been really supportive, too.

"My two really close friends have also been really supportive, whereas I'd probably be jealous if the roles were reversed."

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But for now Alicia is being sensible with her earnings as she claims she's "just saving" at the moment.

She revealed: "I've always wanted to have my own business and to travel, though, so this could become the perfect opportunity."

Fortunately Alicia has received a lot of praise for her TikTok videos.

The TikTok sensation added: "I'll get questions about what hair products I use and how I wash my hair.

"I try to reply, but I can't answer everyone now."

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Alicia found her calling last July after teaming up with Jessica Henig, founder of digital talent agency Unlocked branding.

Jessica said influencers are typically paid retainers by companies for posting.

She explained: "Some of our earlier clients now make £100,000 in one day, but that could be a deal for six months of content that is paid on one day. We have signed about 25 girls.

"When we approached them they only had about 20,000 followers, but they're now earning high wages and making real careers and a lot are not going to university. We help them build their own businesses, like a fashion or skin care brand.

"They build out of TikTok and Instagram and YouTube, but can end up investing in a brand as businesswomen. Alicia also wants her own clothing range, so we will help her create her own website and she could get paid for personal appearances at events."

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