I gave up booze but I am tempted again since meeting this great woman

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE met a woman who’s a big drinker and I’m now getting back into it after quitting alcohol three years ago.

Drinking had been a problem for me.

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I’d been drunk at work, lost two jobs and caused fights.

After giving up alcohol, I’d enjoyed being back in control and was still going to the pub but drinking orange juice.

But then I met this great woman.

She’s 38 and a good laugh. I bought her a drink and she bought a beer for me. It didn’t touch the sides.

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Now I am drinking again but it makes me sad and depressed.

I’m scared that if I lose the alcohol, I’ll lose my woman.

I’m 45.

DEIDRE SAYS:  I am not going to rubber-stamp the fact you want to drink again. You admit it did you no favours, so quit while you are ahead.

You have someone good here. I doubt this woman wants to give you up. But find a moment to tell her you’d prefer to be teetotal.

If she doesn’t support you, she is not putting your best interests at heart.

Find activities you both enjoy that are not based around the pub. Going on country walks, playing sport and enjoying time in the bedroom will help you enjoy life together without booze.

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