‘I love to flaunt my big belly – trolls hate it but I have thick skin anyway’

A plus size woman shared her best advice to help people to cope with body-shaming trolls.

TikToker "chubby red", who claimed to be the top 2% Australian "big belly creator", has overcome her fear of haters who criticised her every move on social media.

And now she learned to embrace herself with a bad a** attitude – fake it till you make it.

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Rocking a crop top and a minuscule short, the redhead said: "I've always struggled with confidence and I've only just recently learned how to love myself.

"I'm gonna teach you how.

"All you need to do is put on your bad b*tch outfit – whether it's a cute crop and your cute little pyjama shorts – get that belly out, go out in public and flaunt it."

Despite haters leaving hurtful comments and joking she could "eat all the food and any other human being in a 12-mile radius", she refused to let them hurt her feelings.

"If you want to be like me, I guess you have to be able to cope with the bullies and have a bit of thick skin," the TikToker suggested.

"Because at the end of the day, whatever you post, if you're a fat girl like me, everyone's gonna have something to say about it.

"You will get people hating just to subscribe and pay your bills anyway."

The Aussie channelled her positive thoughts and turned it to a way to get income as she filmed for exclusive "big belly content" to her subscribers.

In some videos, the young woman lets her tummy hanging over her shorts and massages it in front of the camera.

Sometimes she puts on a bikini and shows off her curves at a stunning seaside pool.

She even joked that men should date her because she has the "best pillow" and loves eating thick sausages.

"A wild Snorlax appears!" a troll said and another mocked: "Best pillow, more like best mattress."


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