‘I model for Playboy and love being naked – I only started wearing undies at 26’

A model who has appeared on the front cover of Playboy 15 times has revealed her passion for being naked and claimed that she hates how clothes feel on her body.

Khloe Terae, 28, was the 2015 Playboy CyberGirl of the year and has appeared on 15 international Playboy covers during her career as a model.

Playboy was founded by adult industry icon Hugh Hefner in 1953, and recently, the magazine’s first fully nude model recalled how she almost collapsed during a gruelling 11 day shoot.

Now, speaking on a podcast with host Michael Sartain, Khloe, explained how her work for Playboy has fed into her love for nudity.

Arriving on the topic of being naked, Michael noted that Khloe had mentioned before that she only wears clothes to make other people comfortable.

“I sure do,” Khloe responded. “Playboy’s just making us nudists live our best lives.

“Ever since I was a kid, my whole life I’ve always hated wearing clothes, I don’t like the way they feel on me, I sleep naked.

“If I’m on vacation and I’ve got my villa, I am naked the whole f***ing time. I don’t like tan lines, I don’t like any of it. I want to be free.”

Finding a real-life example of her passion for nudity, Michael asked Khloe to address the rumour that she was once naked at an STK restaurant in Ibiza.

“Uhh, me?” Khloe said, smirking with faux innocence. “It’s crazy because I’ve only classened it up in the last four years. I only started wearing underwear probably at 26 years old.”

And, it turned out that the model’s enjoyment of being naked also helped Khloe get her initial opportunities with Playboy.

She remembered that she was asked at the iconic Playboy mansion if she could be painted with insignia like the other women in attendance.

“I did that, I think the first time I was 19, it was a halloween party, and I actually watched the girls next door and knew where they were painting,” she explained.

So, she said that she went down and expressed that she was keen to get involved, saying: “I asked Mark Frasier who does the body painting, ‘hey, will you paint some Playboy bunnies on my t**s?’

“I was so excited to be there, and he was so reluctant to do it, but then I became his favourite.”

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