‘I planned weddings and grooms used to hit on me – marriage is waste of time’

Getting hitched is supposed to be one of the most special moments of your life – but an ex-wedding coordinator thinks marriage is a "complete waste of time".

Nova Jewels – who is now an OnlyFans model – worked closely with couples to help make their big day run smoothly.

However, the Scottish bombshell previously admitted that some grooms got a little too close for comfort and even tried to bonk her before they declared their love at the altar.

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Having spent five years fending off advances from naughty husbands-to-be (and his groomsmen), Nova claimed that she would put on 'bets' to see if marriages would fail.

And, she alleged she was bang on the money.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Nova shared her experiences of being a wedding coordinator and it doesn't look good for newlyweds.

She blasted: "Marriage is a complete and utter waste of time if you ask me.

"I used to put bets on how long certain marriages would last and I was always right.

"I knew the grooms that would cheat, I knew the brides that would leave after a year…

"I’ve had couples arguing and wanting to cancel the wedding literally the night before their big day. People just want to put on a show now."

Nova thinks some couples are not 'genuine' – and feels older lovers have their priorities in the right place.

"I’ve coordinated some weddings that were more like a circus than anything else", Nova slammed.

"The most genuine weddings that I coordinated were the mature couples. The couples over 40 who genuinely wanted to get married for the right reasons.

"Getting married is definitely not something that’s on my to-do list anyway. I would make a smoking hot bride so I’m definitely going to buy a wedding dress and do the most seductive bridal photos you’ve ever seen.

"No wedding though and certainly no man."

Now an X-rated model, Nova has stayed true to her word.

She recently spoke to Daily Star about how she has not one, but two sugar daddies.

The sizzling hot model revealed: "I could not think of anything worse than having a boyfriend right now and I spend every single day doing whatever I want, whenever I want.

"I get treated like a princess, they are head over heels obsessed with me and once they have spoiled me rotten for the weekend they leave me alone while they go back to their own lives."


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