‘I quit teaching to launch OnlyFans – but keep having to block ex-students’

A teacher who quit her job to become a full-time fitness model on OnlyFans has had to block former pupils from accessing her racy content.

When the first coronavirus lockdown brought normal life to a halt for many Brits, some abandoned their furloughed positions to pursue an entirely different career as adult models on subscription site OnlyFans.

Louise Roberts, 40, is one of those who decided to make a change after leaving her role as a secondary school maths teacher to become a full-time fitness model.

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Louise stressed that the decision has been a lucrative one with claims her last net income being £500,000, but her former profession is still causing issues.

“They find you on Instagram don’t they? Like ‘oh my God, you used to teach me, you’re well fit’, and I’m like, ‘blocked’,” she told Daily Star.

When Louise launched her OnlyFans page six months after she had quit teaching at the school for good, she revealed that former pupils started to follow her new X-rated page.

“They’ve got nothing else better to do,” she continued. “Obviously it’s big news; Miss Roberts is on OnlyFans.

“I’ve had to be really careful about trying to block people. When I first started, I had people DMing me so obviously I had to block them.

“If I’ve found someone’s on it, I won’t send them, obviously, certain things that they’re asking for.”

The 40 year-old has over 186,000 followers on Instagram has no regrets and is now set to travel to the US to link up with production studios for photoshoots.

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“I’ve just had to try to accept the fact that there will be ex-students who will find me on there, they will try to screenshot something and send it to their mates,” she acknowledged.

“But then I kind of got to the point where I was like, ‘you know what, it’s just my body, is it really such a big taboo these days?’

“I could get really upset about it, and stop doing OnlyFans and close everything down, but then I’ve got to pay the bills and live my life.”


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