‘I spent £29,000 to supersize my breasts – now they’re so big I wear three bras’

A woman has spent more than £29,000 ($38,000 USD) to “super size” her breasts. Now, she often wears three bras and can’t go on rollercoasters.

Katy Ann, from Texas, had her first boob job when she was just 20 years old, going from a natural C to a double D cup. The model has since gone under the knife to expand her breasts three more times, as well as having two butt augmentations, skin-tightening surgery, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and lip fillers.

But she’s not bothered about the costs, because she isn’t picking up the tab. Katy Ann, who is an investor and is getting her real estate license, said: “My breasts cost £29,000 but I’ve spent around $100,000 (£77,800) on surgery in total – and a majority of it was funded by sugar daddies.”

“If I have the time, money, and ambition to change my body, and I can safely do it – then why not? I wasn’t born ‘perfect’ so thank goodness for gyms, hair stylists, nutritionists, and surgeons.”

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Katy’s extreme breasts come with some challenges. She said: “Tops that aren’t made of spandex or a stretchy material are incredibly hard to fit properly into. I just can’t walk into any lingerie store or section and buy bras.

“There are a few shops that carry my size or I need to have custom-made bras/tops by a tailor. My surgeon also restricted me from running.

“My breast weighs well over 10 pounds – high-impact activities and weight will make my boobs super saggy. When I do exercise, I will wear two bras and a sports bra for maximum support.

“I’ve gone to ‘all adults’ pools and dealt with a lot of attention, good and bad, because of my body. Also going on roller coasters is tricky.

“The shoulder restraint squishes my enormous boobs and the few times I did go on a roller coaster there was an element of new excitement because I was worried the shoulder restraint didn’t lock properly.”

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Katy Ann says her look is worth the sacrifice. She said: “I understood going into this super busty lifestyle certain things and activities in my life would need to be modified, if not stopped.

“That’s the way life is. Sometimes you have to give other things up to get what you want.”

At this moment in time, she has no current plans to go under the knife again but “never say never”.

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