I was living on minimum wage – now I’ve bought a Porsche thanks to my naked pics

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Model Bonnie Brown says she used to live off minimum wage in her 9-5 office job.

However, the blonde bombshell is now earning "life-changing money" as an adult star on website Fanvue.

So much so, that Bonnie has been able to treat herself to her dream car – a Porsche.

Bonnie admitted she was "scared" at first to quit her stable job as a buyer.

However, she says she "fell in love" with content creating – especially when the money started rolling in.

Opening up about becoming an adult star, the model exclusively told Daily Star: "I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and love creating content, so signing up to Fanvue was the perfect move for me.

"If you can make money from doing what you love then why not!"

Asked about her experience on the site, she added: "Every day is different.

"One day I’ll be in my room creating content and the next minute I’m outside on the bonnet of my car in pink underwear."

Bonnie, who describes herself as "nude most of the time", does admit that she struggles with some of the stranger requests from fans sometimes though.

"Some of the requests I’ve received have blown my mind," she admitted.

"But Fanvue has been a massive support and is constantly evolving to support content creators like me, which makes me feel safe answering some of the more niche requests and sharing content."

Talking more about the requests, Bonnie, who says she's "fetish friendly", added: "I don’t think I can actually say some of them out loud they’re so weird.

"But some of my favourites have got to be the requests that involve my car.

"One guy asked me to cover myself in oil and slide around on the bonnet."

Talking about the money side of things, Bonnie admitted she didn't expect to earn as much as she is.

"I wasn't expecting to make loads of money like you read about in the papers," she said.

"But this whole journey has turned my life around.

"I was at a buying job on minimum wage before Fanvue, working pay cheque to pay cheque, but within a couple of months at Fanvue I’d been able to pay off all my credit cards and debts, and now I’m living my dream life at 25-years-old."

However, despite splashing out on her Porsche, she says she wants to be savvy with her new-found earnings.

"Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to see all the money in the bank and think wow, I can buy whatever I want," she said.

"But I’m more than just a pretty face. I want to invest into things like property and start building a portfolio of houses.

"I’d love to be able to buy my mum a house next."

Seems like she's got some big plans ahead of her then!

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