I wash my hair just once a week – here's how I cover up the grease

I wash my hair just once a week and it’s the reason my locks are so shiny – here’s what I do to cover up the grease

  • Georgia Young, from London, revealed she only washes her hair once a week
  • Took to TikTok to share different styles she uses to cover up greasiness 
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A beauty vlogger has taken to TikTok to show how she gets away with washing her hair only once a week. 

Georgia Young, from London, revealed her weekly hair routine to her 30,000 followers – which involves only washing it once.

The content creator took her followers through the different hairstyles she creates each day of the week to make her hair last longer between washes, and make the feel of greasy hair bearable.

She explained that infrequent washing is the secret to her hair being ‘so nice and shiny’, adding: ‘I only do it really from pure laziness. I just save the effort for the weekend when I’m actually going out.’

Day One 

On day one, Georgia washes and dries her hair before using a heatless curler to wrap her hair around 

On day one, Georgia said: ‘I’m going to work, I don’t really dress up for work so I literally just save it for the weekend when I actually make an effort.

‘But if my laziness is working for me, then I guess it’s working.’ 

She then added that another benefit of washing your hair once a week is that you have less heat damage because you style it and blow dry it less. 

After stepping out of the shower on day one, Georgia then proceeded to blow dry her hair and put in some styling mousse. 

She then wrapped her hair around a heatless curler and slept with it in. 

Day Two

On day two, Georgia puts in some dry shampoo before using the same heatless curler (pictured) 

Having slept with her hair in the heatless curler overnight, Georgia’s hair on day two looked luscious and healthy.

She said she noticed some grease build-up on the crown of her head, which prompted her to say: ‘If you dry shampoo your hair before the hair gets oily, the dry shampoo works against the oil to stop it from getting as greasy as it would do if you put it on top of already greasy hair.’ 

She then proceeded to spray some dry shampoo on her hair, before styling it with the heatless curler. 

Meanwhile she explained how a hair stylist told her that water can damage hair and that ‘it interferes with the internal bonding of our hair’s protein.’

As the day came to an end, Georgia swept her locks up into a heatless curler before going to bed. 

She also offered her followers some advice about washing your hair less frequently. 

She said: ‘It is all dependent on your scalp type, I know I’m saying, “OK wash your hair once a week” but sometimes you literally, physically cannot.

‘I just do alternative hairstyles, so I can last the week.’ 

Day Three 

On the third day, she decided to do the same hair style using her heatless rollers to add waves to her locks 

On the third day, Georgia woke up with her wavy hair, having slept with the heatless curler overnight.

She started the day by brushing through her hair and debating which hairstyle to wear.

She explained she often wears her hair in ponytails or buns because it hides the grease more easily. 

She said: ‘Normally I just scrape my hair back all week.

‘Everyone has been complimenting me this week saying, “Oh my god your hair looks so nice” because nobody ever sees me with my hair down at work.

‘Because scraped back hair looks like mousse or gel and it’s fine because it’s greasy and nobody knows about it.’

She then put in some more dry shampoo and used her heatless curlers to add waves to her hair, before opting to wear it down again.

Day Four 

By day four, Georgia was feeling her hair was starting to look a little more lacklustre – and swept her locks up into a ponytail instead   

For day four, Georgia sections off her hair so that she has a side fringe and then proceeds to dry shampoo the fringe and lets it ‘set’ while she styles the rest of her hair with more dry shampoo before putting her hair up in a ponytail 

By end of day three, Georgia was feeling her hair was starting to look a little more lacklustre – and decided for day four, she would sweep her locks up into a ponytail instead.

She sectioned off her hair, creating a side fringe and then proceeded to dry shampoo the front of her hair. 

She then let it ‘set’ while she styled the rest of her hair with more dry shampoo.

She rubbed it all into her scalp, and put her hair into a high ponytail while letting the fringe sit on the side of her face.

She then divided the ponytail down the middle and grabbed a sock and attached it with a clip at one side.    

Georgia then twisted her hair around the rest of the sock, before pinching the bottom of her hair and pulling the sock up.

She grabbed a hair band around the socked hair to fasten it into her hair. 

Next, she did the same thing to the other side of her ponytail.

Georgia put her fringe into a curler and clipped in it, along with any other loose hairs. 

In the morning, she took everything out to reveal a rather voluminous ponytail, that had been curled without using any heat.

Day Five 

As she entered the fifth day of not washing her hair, Georgia showed her followers the finished look as she clipped in her ponytail to secure it 

As she entered the fifth day of not washing her hair, Georgia started off by saying: ‘The main thing I’m taking away from this week so far is dry shampoo.

Kelly’s top tips to wash your hair less frequently  

1. Use dry shampoo to help your hair last longer between washes

2. Brush your hair regularly to evenly distribute the sebum

3. Play around with different hair styles because if your hair is out of your face, it will alleviate the temptation to wash it 

‘Dry shampoo your hair before it has the chance to get greasy. 

‘Dry shampoo it as soon as you get out of the shower because then that dry shampoo will combat any oil, grease, wet throughout the week before it even gets there.

‘My hair has never looked this good on day five.’

She then split the front of her fringe into two sections and proceed to spray it with dry shampoo and rubs it in. 

Next, she sprayed some more dry shampoo on the crown area of her head  and rubbed it in. 

She said: ‘The crown area is probably going to have a lot of grease by this point, so I like to pay a bit of attention to that.’

Shen then put her hair in a low ponytail and then used hair rollers to curl one half of her fringe, and then repeats on the other side. 

She then put a clip underneath her ponytail to make sure it stays in place but also that it looks good.

Day Six 

For day six, Georgia didn’t share a video clip of her routine.

She later explained she did not leave the house and so she just put her hair up in a ponytail all day. 

Day Seven 

Day seven is wash hair day for Georgia, as she said that she shampoos twice and also uses an exfoliator to massage her scalp  

Day seven is wash hair day for Georgia, as she said that she shampoos twice and also uses an exfoliator to massage her scalp.

Upon looking at her hair, she said: ‘It’s not awful, which is good.’

She then says she will be using a hair mask on her whole head and uses that as her conditioner. 

She then dries her hair with a hairdryer and repeats the weekly cycle. 

But what does a salon owner think of washing your hair once a week?

Kelly Vowles, 40, owns her own salon in Swindon and believes that washing your hair once a week is beneficial for hair health. 

She revealed the reason behind washing your hair less frequently, telling FEMAIL: ‘Your scalp contains sebaceous glands which basically produces something called sebum. That is a natural oil which hydrates the hair. 

‘When you get into a cycle of washing your hair too frequently, those sebaceous glands can go into overdrive and they can produce extra sebum. 

‘The problem with that is obviously it can make your hair over greasy. But also, when you’re washing that sebum away on a frequent basis, it’s obviously not doing the job that it wants to do, which is to hydrate and moisturise your hair.’

When asked if you should use dry shampoo before your hair gets greasy, as Georgia does, Kelly said: ‘Some people do use it as a preventative measure, I think you’ve got to find what works for you. 

‘I personally use dry shampoo when my hair is feeling greasy already because the job of the dry shampoo essentially is to soak up the oil on the scalp.’

She even gave a further top tip that Kelly suggested when using dry shampoo is to leave it for around 30 seconds after you’ve applied it and then use a dry, clean towel to dab at the roots before brushing. 

She said that this will help remove any excess shampoo that has not been absorbed by the scalp.

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