‘I won’t wear makeup on my wedding day – I’m totally comfortable with acne’

A gorgeous influencer has told her fans that she’s shunning the norm and going without make-up on her wedding day.

Chessie King, who has 795,000 followers on Instagram, posted about her decision yesterday – and revealed that she’s choosing the bare faced look after seven years of battling acne.

The mum-of-one posted snaps of herself trying on wedding dresses alongside explaining her choice to go makeup-free.

Alongside a number of photos of herself modelling gorgeous white wedding gowns she shared the reasons behind her unusual decision.

Chessie wrote: “Did you wear makeup on your wedding day? ⁣

“I haven’t worn any since my virtual ‘hen night’ in May 2020 and I’ve honestly loved stripping down to being bare faced. So the thought of wearing it for the wedding actually feels bizarre."

Chessie noted: “If I told myself two years ago I’d be thinking of not wearing it for my wedding day I would’ve laughed and thought that was utterly ridiculous.

“I absolutely loved doing my gold shmokey eye and playing around with products but now looking back, I worried more about how it looked with makeup on than I do now without any.

“I would be constantly thinking ‘are they staring at my eyeshadow, maybe it’s smudged?’ or ‘is my lipliner too much’⁣”

She continued: “I don’t know if it’s just an age thing ⁣or that I’ve just become more comfortable being the rawest form of myself ⁣or that after seven years of battling acne and hiding it under makeup, I associate it with that – ‘covering up’.

“Probably a cocktail of all three (& it genuinely ate up an hour+ of my day, I now A) don’t have that extra free hour and B) can do so much more than splatter my face with layers of foundation).

“How my face looks at the wedding is the least important thing of the entire day/my entire life.”

Chessie added that she didn’t want to worry about smudging her makeup while greeting her guests either!

The influencer has posted about her struggling with acne on Instagram previously.

She commented: “My skin is always the first sign of something going on internally.

“I was in tears last week about the state my skin was in and went on a rage of picking and squeezing (the worst thing for it) because I was so upset.

“I felt embarrassed and just wanted to cover up my face. No matter how much I promote body confidence, I still really suffer with bad days.”

The mum said that everything from antibiotics to illness caused a flare up of acne.

According to the NHS, the skin condition is: “a common skin condition that affects most people at some point. It causes spots, oily skin and sometimes skin that's hot or painful to touch”.

Chessie’s fans were blown away by her decision and celebrated her feeling comfortable in her skin.

One person commented: “I think this is amazing.“

“Wow these are such interesting thoughts,” added another.

“Never thought about how I spend more time worried about how I look when I AM wearing makeup rather than when I’m not.”

And a third wrote: “I do think lockdown has changed make up use for so many myself included.”

But, others said they wouldn’t be without cosmetics when they got married.

One woman noted: “I absolutely did wear make up on my wedding day, I couldn’t have been without it! It makes me feel so special having it all done properly.”

While another wrote: “I will wear make up on my wedding day. It makes me feel more comfortable since I have multiple problems with my skin.”

What do you think? Would you go barefaced on your big day? Tell us in the comments…

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