If You Like The Deuce, You'll Love the True Stories Behind HBO's Hit

If You Like The Deuce, You’ll Love the True Stories Behind HBO’s Hit

David Simon and George Pelecanos’s The Deuce is back for a second season of exploring the dark side of New York City’s 42nd Street. Given the way the show mixes fact and fiction to create a complex picture of the ’70s NYC sex work and porn scene, it’s no wonder that people are unsure how much of The Deuce is a true story. The answer to that question is just as complicated as keeping up with the sprawling cast of characters led by stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco. Ultimately, the HBO series aims to tell a factual story with dramatic flair. Every character doesn’t have a direct real-life counterpart for the audience to point to, but there are often a number of people inspiring the fascinating characters on the screen — the same goes for the places.

The Deuce is a unique series that drops fictional characters onto the gritty streets of 1977 New York in order to tell a story about the porn industry, mobsters, pimps, and the women who worked those dangerous streets. It’s not all true, but the parts that are inspired by real people and events are so much stranger than fiction.

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