Iggy Azalea’s Ex Nick Young Just Got A Championship Ring For The Warriors’ Win & Trolls Are After Him

Nick Young is getting massively trolled on Twitter after winning an NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors despite giving almost no effort in any of the team’s victories.

The Twittersphere is coming hard for Iggy Azalea’s ex fiance Nick Young, 33, after he wildly celebrated winning his first NBA championship. He managed to get lucky and scored a one year trade deal from the Lakers to the Golden State Warriors in 2017, putting him on the best squad in the league. Now that the Dubs have brought home another NBA title on June 8 by taking out the Cleveland Cavaliers in a four game sweep, folks are dragging Swaggy P for getting a ring before so many truly great players in the NBA. Nick basically coasted on the fact that he’s on the same team as true greats like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant and can now call himself an NBA champ thanks to their genius level of play. “Swaggy P winning this year’s championship is like that one person who does nothing to contribute in the group project but still gets a 100%,” one Twitter user pointed out.

Since Swaggy’s kind of a tool — after all he cheated on Iggy by knocking up his baby mama — Twitter lit up with his legendary GIF of when he celebrated what he thought was a sure basket when he was still with the Lakers. Only the ball bounced off the rim after he turned around, so he was proudly boasting his greatness not realizing he totally missed the shot. “Swaggy P is an NBA champion, let that sink in,” one person wrote while another said “Swaggy P legit finessed a ring.” Another noted that “Swaggy P is shooting air balls and is about to get a ring.” Yeah, it happened. And he became the top trending Twitter topic as a result!

Other fans pointed out how seemingly unfair the universe is that many Hall of Fame caliber players never got championship rings in their careers but Nick managed to get one by lucking out and ending up on the best squads the NBA has ever seen.

Another fan pointed out “Swaggy P has more rings than: John Stockton, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Pat Ewing, Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony. One user tweeted “Swaggy P now has more rings than Allen Iverson, Reggie Miller, Tracy McGrady, and Charles Barkley combined. A true legend,” with a shocked face emoji. Yep. Nick’s never going to be anywhere near the NBA Hall of Fame, but he’ll always have his NBA championship ring.

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