‘I’m a blonde bimbo and people wrongly think I’m dumb – they hate that I’m hot’

A self-proclaimed "bimbo" says her life is like Legally Blonde's Elle Woods – and has jokingly called her haters "bimbophobic".

Fiona Fairbairn, from Toronto, is using her platform on TikTok to change society's views of bimbos as she claims to be extremely intelligent but doesn't feel the need to prove herself.

The 19-year-old has even compared herself to Elle Woods and has declared her haters as 'bimbophobic', as they troll her just because she's hot.

The creator, who posts as @gsgetlonelytoo , began uploading videos in January and claims to have gained 100,000 followers in three days.

In a recent clip, which received more than 1,300 likes, she explained: "Many people are very bimbophobic to me, for no reason, like, I'm sorry, I just can't stop being hot."

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said that "the word bimbo is being redefined".

She added: "Being a bimbo is a woman who is unapologetically themselves and doesn't feel the need to prove herself to anybody.

"It's someone who chooses a soft life over a hard life – letting people help them and do things for them, making decisions that make their life easier and relaxing.

"She is so sure of herself that nothing people say has any effect on her because she's her own biggest fan. She's letting herself be in the moment by having no thoughts: just vibes."

And despite coining the term "bimbophobic" to her 174,000 followers, she insists that it is just satire and she is all about promoting self-love.

Speaking of her own journey, she compared herself to the iconic – and yet misunderstood – character of Elle Woods from the chick-flick Legally Blonde.

Elle was seen as dumb and often belittled by other characters in the 2001 film for appearing to be dressed like a Barbie doll but was in fact an intelligent law student.

Explaining the comparison, Fiona said: "I have always been a girly girl and really felt like I embodied an Elle Woods attitude, because all the time while I was in school, I didn't care to prove how smart I was.

"I kind of got satisfaction letting people underestimate me and think I'm with the whole bimbo, then boom, sitting beside them at the honour roll ceremony – full glammed of course!"

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