‘I’m a chubby girl with big boobs — lads want to hook up with me but in secret’

A self-declared "chubby" woman with big boobs has claimed men are always wanting to hook up with her – but only if they keep it a "secret".

Imy Stratton, 24, took to social media to share what it is really like being a curvy girl as she revealed comments she receives from both men and women every day.

In the video, which was made as part of a viral trend, the curvy actress and singer claimed men always want to keep her a secret and that doctors make assumptions about her health as a result of her body shape.

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The brunette beauty also claimed that women try to give her unsolicited slimming advice in the clip, which has now gained more than 4,300 likes.

Imy first shared an image of a middle-aged woman and claimed that they will often try to encourage her to diet as she quoted them saying: “Have you tried Slimming World?”

She then showed a stock image of a random man with a six-pack and huge muscles, who apparently say: "Let’s link but let’s keep it our little secret."

However, she added that some blokes will often stare at her chest and tell her she has "Big jugs, love."

But it's not just people on the street, as she showed an image of a doctor claiming they blame even the smallest ailment on her weight.

"You have a blocked nose? Maybe try and lose three stone and see if that works," she quoted the doc saying.

In the caption, she said it was the "Story of my fluctuating weight life" and said: “POV: Being a chubby gal with big boobs in the UK."

TikTok users were left stunned at the clip, with some even admitting that they could relate to her experience.

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One person said: “Doctor one is infuriating.”

Another added: “Yes to them all.”

However, some users argued that the Imy isn't "chubby" at all, as a third user wrote: "I'd feel for you if you were even close to chubby but you aren't."

A fourth commented: “There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.”

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