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A GP and skin doctor has revealed the fortunate facial features that will slow down ageing.

How fast you age depends on a number of factors – genetics, skin exposure, smoking and drinking.

No one is immune to the inevitable sagging, wrinkling and pigmentation of the skin over time.

But one of the more predictable indicators is the anatomy of your face, including bone structure, ligaments and fat.

And you’re in luck if you’ve got high cheekbones or a square face, Dr Raj Arora, an NHS GP and aesthetic skin doctor at The Facebible, reveals.

Read on to find out more…

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Harsh angles (square shape)

A square face shape is fairly robust when it comes to ageing, Dr Raj told FEMAIL.

“People with square faces have broad foreheads, angular jaws, and strong cheekbones,” she said.

“Because the face is so well structured, you don't have to worry about ageing as much. Your face will show signs of ageing slower than others. “

Dr Raj noted Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, and Sandra Bullock as having square faces – and who can argue their astonishing beauty?

Of course, celebrities have the money and resources to invest in their beauty regime than the average person, too.

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Olivia Wilde, aged 38 (2022) has an angular jawCredit: BackGrid

High cheekbones (oval face)

High cheekbones are a desirable feature when it comes to ageing because the face keeps its shape better.

People with oval shaped faces will stay youthful due to “typically high cheekbones, balanced proportions of forehead and cheeks and sharp contours”, Dr Raj said.

Celebrities with oval-shaped faces include Rihanna, Katy Perry and Julia Roberts.

In oval-shaped people, the first signs of ageing appear in the eye and cheek area, Dr Raj said, including “crows-feet” and eyelid hooding.

Round cheeks (round face)

Round, plump cheeks will come in handy once your fat starts to dissolve.

“There is usually a loss of volume and definition from the cheeks, which leads to a hollow and tired-looking face,” Dr Raj said.

“Round-faced people tend to look younger for longer than others as they store fat in the cheeks and keep it there for a youthful appearance. 

“Therefore, dull and sagging complexions will take longer to develop on round faces.”

Although a strong angular face, such as Angelina Jolie’s, is in good stead, a soft and round face is also beneficial. 

Dr Raj said: "Celebrities with round faces include Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis and Isla Fisher."

Experts also said that your skin type and colour can influence ageing.

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Natali Kelli, a skin expert and aesthetician, said people with oily skin keep moisture better, reducing the early signs of lines.

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