‘I’m a trophy wife and love spending my husband’s money ‘

The wife of a multi-millionaire who frequently flaunts her lavish lifestyle on social media claims she could not care less about the haters who come after her.

Posting about the luxury life of a trophy wife has come at the cost of harsh accusations for Leila Griffin, who is often labelled “the definition of a gold-digger”.

Viewers frequently raise an eyebrow at Leila’s relationship with her husband Bruce, who is 25 years her senior, and claim that he is getting played by his partner.

But the 29-year-old still manages to make light of the situation and pokes fun at the trolls by sharing more controversial content online.

“What do people always think I’m getting played?” her husband retaliated in one clip. “I adore my wife, we have a phenomenal marriage.

@leila__griffin Haven’t seen my wallet in 2 years #mrsg #comedy #husband #money #marriage #marriedlife #spoiled ♬ original sound – ������������������

“I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. But do you think I’ve built the empire I have because I’m a dummy? Trust me, I ain’t getting played.”

The clip is one of several that have triggered a heated response from viewers, garnering millions of views and thousands of comments across her platform.

One ‘Point of View’ clip shows Leiela re-enact a scene at a bar where she poses as a damsel in distress who clocks an older man and approaches him for money.

In a weeping voice, Leila looks at her husband – posing as the older man – and says: “Hmm, I need like $12,000 because there is just a lot of stuff that I really want to buy online and I can’t afford it all.”

The video, which racked up more than 124,000 likes, is the second most popular post on Leila’s page, which went viral with more than three million views.

The footage shows Leila at a high-end restaurant, asking her husband in a sultry voice how much she owes him for the meal.

“Don’t worry, it’s on the house,” he responds, while she opens her purse to reveal she is carrying nothing but a random packet of seasoning in her handbag.

“Haven’t seen my wallet in two years,” reads a caption beneath the clip, which was quick to rile up trolls.

“Chicks the definition of gold digger,” barked one hater in the comments, while others made light of the clip and laughed along with Leila.

Though the thick-skinned brunette has proven time and time again that she doesn’t bat an eyelid at the haters, she has made a point to question their intentions in the past.

Nevertheless, Leila continues to let viewers in on her daily life, which includes going to lip filler appointments that her husband disapproves of.

“Anything to look, faker,” she has previously joked in one of her posts.

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