‘I’m human and have a heart, people should respect my plastic surgery decisions’

An Instagram model who is known for her plastic surgery procedures and illicit content wants people to stop judging her for her decisions.

Maddison Fox, 29, from Sussex, first had plastic surgery procedure when she was 21. So far she has had three boob jobs, veneers, Botox and fillers.

In the future she hopes to get a nose job, Brazilian Butt Lift, fox eye surgery and eyelid surgery.

While most people online treat Maddison with kindness, there are those who still leave her nasty comments.

She spoke exclusively to Daily Star about how she wishes everyone would treat her with respect.

“I know I don’t look like everyone else but I’m still human and have a heart, I’m a sister and a daughter and I should be respected for my decisions in life,” she said.

“Don’t judge me on how I look, judge me on how I treat others and how I behave in life.

“I know I look unorthodox but in 2022 people should be comfortable to be anything or whatever they want without judgement, I'm out here pushing boundaries.

“If my big t*ts offend you, ask yourself why.”

Maddison went on to say that some people judge her for the way she looks, with many saying it determines how clever she is.

She added: “I may look like a walking stereotype but I have a brain and am very intelligent, that’s why people like me.”

The 29-year-old’s 73,000 Instagram followers love keeping up to date with her life.

They regularly check in to see any plastic surgery updates she may have.

Maddison made the decision to start having procedures done thanks to naughty magazines.

“I started getting cosmetic surgery because I remember seeing lads mags and page three back in the day,” she said.

“I always loved how glamorous the girls were and always wanted to look like them, and potentially become a glamour model.”

While some people may think Maddison is taking it too far, including her family, she says she knows when to stop.

“I definitely know when to stop getting cosmetic surgery, I’m not addicted it’s a conscious decision to decide to get what and where,” she shared.

“It’s a huge decision not to be taken lightly. I’m doing what makes me happy, but it’s not the be and end-all.

“If someone told me I couldn’t have any more surgery ever again I’d be absolutely fine with that.

“It’s just a form of expression, much like tattoos. This is body modification at its most extreme.”

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