‘I’m judged for being a goth – people don’t let their kids be friends with mine’

A mum says she's shunned by other parents due to her alternative style.

Jodie, from Peebles in the Scottish Borders, claims her two children are excluded at school because she's a goth.

The 27-year-old model – who is mum to a daughter, six, and son, three – stands out in the small town she lives in due to her striking look.

She has tattoos, piercings and bright-coloured dreadlocks that are far from conventional.

Jodie says she's judged because of her appearance and parents won't even stand beside her in the school playground.

According to the Mirror, she revealed: "I get negative looks quite a lot, especially when I go shopping or to the park. I think it can look quite intimidating to people that aren't educated about it, which I can understand."

Jodie continued: "They say I must be a satan worshipper which obviously isn't true. It's nothing to do with religion, it's freedom of expression.

"It's just unfortunate because then my kids get exposed to that negative mindset, about being wary of people that are different.

"There's a lot of different parents from a lot of places, like of kids that play at soft plays, it can be difficult. When people don't know you they tend to judge you, like judging a book by its cover.

"I’m not weird, I just wear my weird on the outside, not the inside. It still happens sometimes, they look at me like I’ve stolen my kids.

"I tell them it's not a negative thing, I say it's all about perception and like art – maybe they don't understand it but that's ok."

Even though she's often judged for her looks, the mum is determined not to do the same to others.

Jodie, who goes by the stage name Alt Jodie, added: "I teach my kids that you have to treat everyone nicely, even if they look a little different.

"I don't want them to think they can't be themselves."

The self-confessed goth isn't planning on toning down her look to please others either.

She added: "It's not loved by everybody in the town, it's not the best feeling.

"There are some people that are of an older generation or different upbringing that aren't exposed to different types of people like the younger generation is.

"I do look very different, especially in the summer when you can see all my tats and things.

"Because I'm in a very rural area, in the middle kind of town. Basically like how the Hobbits live in the Shire in the Lord of the Rings, I'm a bit like Gandalf when he turns up."

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