Influencer shares two snaps taken seconds apart to end ‘body-shaming guilt’

An influencer has been praised for her truth after posting two snaps taken seconds apart earlier this week.

The beauty, known as Loz Fitness on Instagram, has just under 40,000 followers on the social media platform.

She uses her page to share her diet and fitness regime, while inspiring thousands of admirers.

Now in her latest post, Loz shared two photos which were taken seconds apart to show the reality of social media.

The influencer even showed the timestamp on top of the photos to prove her important point.

Her caption started with her urging fans to be "proud of their body".

She wrote: "Be proud of your body that means loving it posed and unposed, in all lighting, all clothing, all hours of the day.

"Your body is perfect, it's yours, it's unique, don't let your negative thoughts try fool you otherwise.

"We are all guilty of body shaming ourselves. We've all looked in the mirror and noticed something we didn't like.

"And that's okay, don't feel silly for thinking that but realising that's not okay is the first step."

Loz also told fans that our bodies are like "artwork" and how they represent us.

She continued: "They're a special design of wonderful functions and flaws that represent everything there is about you.

"They encompass your personalities and allow you to move and see the world for all its beauty."

For those struggling with self-love, the influencer also shared some top tips to change that mindset.

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She told fans to remember that they are worthy and how they are loved for who they are.

The social media star also made a note about how "life is too short to worry about what others think".

Since she shared the inspiration on her page, the post racked up over 2,000 comments and likes.

One wrote: "Keep it real babe," another added: "You're beautiful in both."

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