Influencer slams ‘ignorant’ family who mocked her as she took snaps in public

A fashion influencer has slammed a random family after they mocked her for taking pictures of herself in public.

Social media blogger Vanessa Ferraiolo often shares styling and lifestyle content to her 51,000 TikTok followers.

The confident blonde usually oozes confidence with her trend-setting posts, but in a recent clip she was subjected to ridicule for posing for pictures in public.

Wanting to get some envy worthy content, Vanessa filmed herself posing in front of a scenic town backdrop in Lisbon, Portugal.

She donned an oversized black biker jacket, blue high waisted jeans, a pink button up top and finished her look with some uber stylish black shades and gold jewellery.

But as she started to work her magic for the camera, a family off screen can be heard sniggering at her – which included giggles from children.

Although in the video Vanessa just rolled her eyes, shook her head and gave a nervous smile, she slammed the family with the text she wrote over the clip.

The influencer said: “Could you imagine shooting content and having an ENTIRE family laugh at you???”

“Like is it really that hard to just leave someone alone and not be ignorant?? LOL.”

“Also, I’m a tourist in a tourist city. Shouldn’t be weird at all considering people are taking photos/videos everywhere.”

Despite the public mockery, Vanessa claimed she: “Just continued to do my thang.”

Good for her!

Disgusted at the torment Vanessa was put through by the family, many people fled to the comments to defend the influencer.

One person commented: “That’s so embarrassing for them.”

Another user added: “Aw I feel sad for the kids…being brought up to think like that.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “This makes me so mad, why can’t people just mind their own business. You look great btw!”

Someone else said: “Proud of you for brushing it off!!!”

Meanwhile, a fifth person remarked: “It’s so embarrassing for them because they probably work a 9-5 and make less than we do.”

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