Why Jax From ‘Vanderpump’ Decided Not To Leave Los Angeles After All

Jax Taylor has had quite the tenure on Vanderpump Rules. He’s been a bartender (maybe not the best one, but still a bartender) for seven years now, a part of Lisa’s ragtag team of SURver misfits. But has that all changed? Jax quit SUR in the Season 6 finale of Vanderpump Rules, and now, his whole future is up in the air. Where does Jax live in 2018? Is he nestled in L.A., or has he flown the coop?

Jax is a magnet for trouble, but he really stepped in it at the end of Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules. He had cheated on Brittany, broken up with Brittany, and then — with some pushing from Lisa, Jax resigned from SUR. Talk about blowing up your life in a few short decisions. There was talk earlier in the season about Jax being offered a job in Florida doing, as Jax said, “social media and marketing” for the hockey team, the Tampa Bay Rays. For the job, Jax would obviously have to pick up and move to Florida, and Brittany wasn’t quite feeling that. So he didn’t go (if the job offer was actually real or just a plot point, it’s not exactly clear). But now that Jax doesn’t have a job or a girlfriend in Los Angeles, what’s really keeping him there? He could go anywhere in the country and start over, or he could head home to Florida and be closer to his family. So what did Jax decide?

One glance at Jax’s social media profiles and you can tell that he stayed firmly in Los Angeles. He and Brittany are back together, and a recent geotag of them going out to lunch had the couple cruising down Rodeo Drive.

He also posted a list of rules for California residents, which wouldn’t make much sense if he weren’t currently living in Los Angeles with Brittany. And speaking of Brittany, she’s still working at SUR, as demonstrated by her wearing her SURver uniform in this shot with Jax.

Brittany and Jax are a happy couple again, and they’re still in Los Angeles, which is good, because given the year that Jax has had, I’m not sure that he would be able to take so much more change in his life. Jax’s father passed away from cancer on Dec. 27, 2017, and Jax’s life has been irrevocably changed ever since. In a preview clip for the first part of the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion, Jax spoke about the experience and how Brittany and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast rallied behind him:

Brittany was the one to bring Jax out of his hole and support him through one of the hardest times — if not the hardest time — in his life, and Jax said of his girlfriend, "ever since then, I can’t imagine myself without her." It’s also wonderful and emblematic of how tight this group is that, despite their differences, most of the cast made it to at least one of the two funerals held for Jax’s father. "That’s just what you do," Stassi told Andy Cohen, and she’s right.

While viewers don’t quite know where Jax is working right now (to be honest, he’s probably back at SUR, given the fact that he’s wearing a black button down in SUR with Brittany above), it is good to know that he is getting his act together with his partner. She has done nothing but love and support him, and now, he needs her more than anything. Perhaps Jax will take all the tumultuous events of the past year as an opportunity to be better, in his relationship, with his friends, and in his work. And right now, it looks like that’s all happening in Los Angeles.

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