Jeffree Star Racist Texts, N-Word Hairstylist Messages, Daved Munoz

Jeffree Star went from being one of the most hated people on YouTube to one of the most loved, all thanks to Shane Dawson‘s docuseries in which he gave fans a deeper look into the beauty guru’s crazy life. But just because the 32-year-old is understood a little better now doesn’t mean he hasn’t effed up hardcore in the past.

Back in his Myspace days, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder was caught using the N-word and using other racist terms such as “rat” and “ape,” and in one video skit he even joked about throwing battery acid on a black woman to lighten her skin tone because her foundation shade didn’t match.

JS eventually uploaded a video in June 2017 titled ‘RACISM’ where he apologized profusely and said the person he was back then was depressed and angry at the world and does not reflect who he is today.

“Everything that you have seen is so wrong,” he said. “It’s upsetting; it’s nasty. It really makes me sick to my stomach to watch those old videos because what I was saying was not what I represent.”

According to Jeffree’s former hairstylist, however, the YouTuber’s apology was complete BS and he hasn’t changed at all, as he continued to use racial slurs long after the apology was posted.

Daved Anthony Munoz showed text messages that were allegedly sent by Jeffree in February 2018, eight months after he apologized for his racist past, in which he used the N-word.

Instagram (@davedscissorhands)

The celebrity stylist also posted videos of old texts allegedly sent by JS in September 2017 where he called fellow YouTube beauty guru Jackie Aina, who he had beef with in the past, a “gorilla.”

“Are you don’t posting that gorilla?” Jeffree allegedly asked. “Would love to follow my friend again.”

Some people think this is the final straw and Jeffree should NOT be given any more chances.

Others, however, aren’t convinced Daved’s messages are legit, as they go from being on an Android to an iPhone. They also think the stylist wants to gain clout by getting involved in the hype surrounding JS at the moment.

Daved tried to explain the Androis vs. iPhone debate on Twitter by saying, “Hi babes yes I just got a iPhone as of this year the screenshots are from the begging of this year on my new phone the Android is all going to be shown in my video as well as my new txt threads in my current phone.”

Jeffree has not yet responded to Daved’s claims.

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