Jennifer Lopez Keeps Rewearing That Sweater With Barbra Streisand's Face On It

I imagine the entryway to Jennifer Lopez’s closet is the size of my apartment, which is both impressive and sad. It also means that Lopez definitely doesn’t need to rewear outfits if she doesn’t want to. That whole fashion marathon she ran in the green Versace dress? She definitely did that for us. She knew it would bring us joy and was probably like, ‘fine, I’ll wear that dress that invented Google Images because people seem to love it.’ Lopez is selfless in that way. 

Her thought process with the Coach Barbra Streisand sweater was probably the same. Us mortals are predictable and the only thing we love more than an iconic queen wearing an iconic dress is an iconic queen wearing another iconic queen’s face on her chest. 

Considering Mila Kunis has also worn the sweatshirt, and it has in general garnered a pretty substantial amount of attention online, there is no way it won’t sell out soon. Right now, it’s somehow still available in all sizes and for just $225. Not sure how many times you’ll wear it? Lopez clearly demonstrates that every and any day is a good day for Streisand merch.

Jennifer Lopez Coach Spring 2020 Campaign
Jennifer Lopez Coach


Lopez wore the Barbra Streisand sweater while modeling for Coach’s campaign. She wore it at a Saturday Night Live afterparty underneath an oversized Coach shearling aviator jacket that is currently half-off  and a surprisingly affordable Coach top handle bag. In true Jenny From the Block fashion, Lopez has also paired the sweater with Timbs and gold hoops. This past weekend she Instagrammed a BTS photo from the design process for her upcoming collaboration with DSW. Like the real life Babs, the sweatshirt with her face on it has got range. 

Shop the Jennifer Lopez-approved Coach x Richard Bernstein Barbra Streisand sweater, below.

Coach x Richard Bernstein Sweatshirt With Barbra Streisand 

COACH X Richard Bernstein Sweatshirt With Barbra Streisand Dark Grey

Shop now: $225;

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