Joan Collins calls ‘Dynasty’ co-star John Forsythe a ‘misogynistic p—k’

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She’s taking a page out of Alexis Colby’s playbook.

Joan Collins slammed her late “Dynasty” co-star John Forsythe, calling him a “misogynistic p—k” in a new interview.

“I didn’t like him,” the 88-year-old actress pointedly said on “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories” Sunday.

Collins — who famously played the ex-wife of Forsythe’s character on the ’80s soap opera — sniffed that the actor always had to be “front and center,” unwilling to share the limelight.

“He also had it in his contract that he always had to have $5,000 an episode more than anybody else in the cast,” she continued, “and that in any publicity that went out about the show, he always had to be front and center.

“They were so misogynistic they allowed this to happen.”

Collins says that she was making $15,000 an episode when she joined the series while Forsythe — who died in 2010 at age 92 — was earning “like 25 or $30,000.”

Eventually, Collins worked her way up to $120,000 an episode but noted that “came with a caveat that they’d only put me in half the episodes as [they] couldn’t afford to pay me.”

She added that while in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic she began to watch old episodes of the show.

“I was impressed by myself,” she said. “Quite frankly, I think I should have got more [money].”

The British-born star also revealed the advice she received from Marilyn Monroe when she first moved to Hollywood.

“Beware of the wolves in Hollywood honey, because if they don’t get what they want they will cancel your contract,” Monroe allegedly told her.

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