JoJo Siwa Reveals COVID-19 Infected Her 'Whole Family'

“We had headaches, we were tired, we had shortness of breath, we had all the things.”

JoJo Siwa revealed her family recently dealt with coronavirus infections.

The 17-year-old internet sensation opened up about contracting the disease during an interview with ET, saying, “I did end up getting it, the big, dreaded COVID-19.”

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“It got through my whole family,” she added. “We had headaches, we were tired, we had shortness of breath, we had all the things. All my family actually lost their taste and smell, but all have it back. But I never did.”

The “Boomerang” singer said her parents and brother were the first to be diagnosed, then she followed. They have all since recovered.

“Everyone who gets this virus, it’s gonna affect them differently,” she maintained. “We were all, like, three days apart.”

Meanwhile, during the beginning of the pandemic, JoJo said she thought the coronavirus quarantine would be short-lived.

“I was like, ‘Oh, it’s two weeks. It’s a two week break,'” she told Variety. “I’m going to chill. I’m going to have fun. I’m going to work out. I’m going to go swimming, I’m going to play games. It’s going to be fun. After that, though, I was like, ‘Okay. We’re going to be here a minute. I have to start to figure out, I can’t let my career die by just doing nothing'”

“And so actually I ended up building a stage in my backyard. We film performances on every week, and it’s incredible. I got really creative. Everyone was doing a performance from the couch, or doing it from their kitchen. I was like, ‘Mom, I can’t do that. If I’m going to perform I want to perform.'”

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