K-Pop Girl Group Twice Drops New Hit ‘Dance The Night Away’ & Fans Are Obsessed — Watch

Twice is throwing a party on a tropical island – and everyone is invited! The nine-girl K-Pop group have released their new summer hit, so get ready to ‘Dance The Night Away.’

For K-Pop fans, summer officially kicked off on July 9, the day when TWICE released their 2nd special album, Summer Nights. The expanded reissues of their fifth EP, What Is Love?, comes with three new songs, including the hot single, “Dance The Night Away.” Oh, you know there’s a music video, and it’s one that sees TWICE — Nayeon, 22, Jeongyeon, 21, Momo, 21, Sana, 21, Jihyo, 21, Mina, 21, Dahyun, 20, Chaeyoung, 19, Tzuyu, 19 – stranded on a tropical island. Thankfully, things are more Gilligan’s Island than they are Lost, as none of the girls have to worry about polar bears, smoke monsters or unsatisfying series finales.

After finding food, setting up a volleyball net and creating a cabana where they can sing and dance, TWICE literally “dances the night away” to their new song. (There’s also a twist, which we won’t spoil. Seems this music video is a little like Lost after all.) With a strong beat and an infectious chorus (similar to what one might hear on a Charli XCX track), “Dance The Night Away” will be a good addition to any summer party’s playlist. Fans certainly agreed, as they were extremely “proud” of TWICE’s comeback.

“tHIS IS SO. WEIRD. LIKE WTF. but also???cool and catchy??bUT WEIRD?? it’s kind of different from their usual stuff? it’ll take a few more listens for me to really LIKE it??but the mv is beautiful&the girls are too,” one enthusiastic K-Pop fan tweeted. “Another said the song was “A BOP” “Let’s dance the night away is a really good song it’s a really summer vibe. Think it’s my favorite Twice song so far.”

The new song wasn’t just a hit with the fans on social media. Summer Nights was released at 6 PM KST and by 8 PM KST, “Dance The Night Away” rose to No. 1 on the realtime charts of six major music sites, according to Soompi. Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver and Soribada were all listing TWICE’s new single as a bonafide hit!

Summer Nights, released by JYP Entertainment, includes six songs from the original What Is Love? EP, along with this new song, “Chillax,” and “Shot Thru The Heat,” which was written by the group’s Japanese membersSana, Mina and Momo. Will these two new tracks also top the charts? Fans will have to wait and see. In the meantime, they can have fun dancing along to this brand new bop!

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