Kate’s likely skincare routine that keeps her looking younger than her age

Kate, Princess of Wales, 41, has enviably clear and dewy skin, likely credited to good genes, a healthy diet and expert skincare regime.

Diane Ackers from Doctors Formula Cosmeceuticals spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the skin routine the Princess likely follows, plus how non-royals can achieve her glowing skin on a budget.

During a recent trip to the Young V&A, Kate was asked by a child how old she was, to which she replied “I’m 41, shh, don’t tell anyone”.

But according to the expert, Kate’s age is surprising given the look of her skin – “not that anyone would be able to tell, with her youthful looks and glowing skin which isn’t easy to pull off for those over 40”.

Kate’s likely skincare routine – and the ultimate skincare routine for ladies particularly in middle age – is all about “cleansing, hydrating and regenerating”.

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Diane said: “Cleansing is vital as we age. Especially if your skin is tackling some tough hormonal changes, you may feel like someone has turned up the oil switch, or the opposite, and every ounce of oil that was keeping your skin soft and supple has evaporated. 

“A regular morning and evening cleansing routine keeps skin balanced, supported, and prepped, maximising the benefits your serum and moisturiser offer.”

Hydration is “vital” for women’s skin at Kate’s age so it does not start to look dry.

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The expert continued: “Catherine will no doubt regularly switch up her skincare routine which is essential. 

“Moisturiser she used in her 20s and 30s are not likely to offer her skin the same kind of support they used to.”

Next, Diane recommended that every woman invest in one specific product: “Retinol should be in the skincare toolkit of every woman over 40, to help stimulate cellular turnover. 

“Hyaluronic Acid plumps out the fine lines and decreases wrinkle depth whilst Vitamin C tackles hyperpigmentation and Niacinamide takes on ever-increasing enlarged pores and breakouts.”

Finally Diane advised: “For women over 40 who are potentially experiencing increased bouts of hormonal fluctuations, a moisturiser that sits comfortably on the skin, is absorbed in seconds, and feels like it’s vanished after application is perfect. 

“Anything heavy could cause an additional slick on the skin’s surface which is more likely to look like a flush rather than a youthful glow.”

Diane Ackers is a beauty expert from Doctors Formula Cosmeceuticals. 

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