Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Getting Married? Why Her Friends Are Convinced He’ll Propose ‘Soon’

Is Katy Perry going to take a second shot at marriage with BF Orlando Bloom? We’ve got details on how an engagement could happen any day now.

Katy Perry didn’t seem to want a second go at marriage after painful 2012 divorce from comedian Russell Brand. But she’s been with boyfriend Orlando Bloom, 41, long enough that the “Roar” singer knows he would make an amazing husband. “Katy and Orlando aren’t engaged yet but it’s her birthday tomorrow and her friends are hoping that he’ll give her a ring. Katy isn’t pressuring him to get married, not at all. She actually very careful not to do that, she wants to live in the moment and enjoy what they have. But ultimately she does want to build a future with him and he’s said he wants the same thing,” a source close to the American Idol judge tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Katy turns 34 on Oct. 25.

“Orlando’s actually been showing a lot of signs that an engagement will happen soon. Ever since they go back together he’s been very transparent with her so she never has to wonder where he is or who he’s with, he’s totally committed. He also talks about their future together and makes comments about what a great mom she’ll be. Her friends are convinced he’s going to propose soon, they’re taking bets on where and when it will happen and a lot of them are predicting it will be tomorrow, for her birthday,” our insider continues.

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