Kelly Clarkson's Meaning of Life Video Is Here! Where Does It Rank Among the Singer's Best Music Videos? on People’s Choice Awards

Rejoice because Kelly Clarkson‘s newest music video is here!

Happy Monday to us! Clarkson released her latest music video for “Meaning of Life” on Sunday (Mother’s Day) and we’re in love. Over the years Clarkson has given fans a lot of music videos to celebrate and this song’s video is the next big thing from The Voice coach. 

Now that we can visualize the story behind “Meaning of Life” through this video we have to relive some of the singer’s other great video moments. As soon as she released her first record Thankful back in 2003, we’ve been blessed with epic videos one after the next. Everything from “Stronger” to “Love So Soft” has caught our attention and now we need to hear from you.

Vote for Clarkson’s greatest music video thus far below—from her top 12 videos—and let us know which of the artist’s tracks is the best of the best.

“Meaning of Life”

Clarkson’s newest music video is a cinematic dream. It’s simple in some respects but dramatic in tone, location and wardrobe, which we love. It shows Clarkson singing in a gorgeous gown as she stands in a room of ruins that has a giant tree growing within the house. It’s just very elegant and becomes more and more beautiful as you continue through it.


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Not only do we love this song, but the video is so fierce. It shows off Clarkson’s edgy and rocker side and it’s wonderful. In addition to seeing the singer rock out in the video, her fans are also featured dancing along to the track and it’s awesome.

“Love So Soft”

This music video announced that the Voice coach was back with her newest record and therefore we’re fans. It shows Clarkson dominating every scene she’s in and it’s beyond fierce. It’s kind of all over the place theme wise but the one constant is that Clarkson knows how much of a boss she is.

“Already Gone”

Clarkson shows off her glamourous side in this video, which is always a great idea. The singer wears glitzy gowns galore in this video and she’s just so beautiful. Sure the video isn’t that exciting but the wardrobe alone earns it a spot on this list.


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“Behind These Hazel Eyes”

Have you ever wanted to see Clarkson as a bride? Well, then this is your video! “Behind These Hazel Eyes” shows two very different sides of the artist. She looks beautiful and bridal for part of it and then she is a black gown and equally as gorgeous. She is heartbroken and “torn into pieces” throughout the video once she discovers her love is marrying someone else and it results in epic cemetery rock sessions and rolling in the mud. It’s so intense.


The early ’00s might’ve been Clarkson’s music video prime. “Breakaway” shows the story of a young tomboy girl dealing with her insane family and what she grows up into…AKA a popstar named Kelly Clarkson. It’s a great Cinderella story and also gives The Princess Diaries a shout out which we can appreciate.

“Piece by Piece”

This video is visually enticing from start to finish. It’s simple with its black-and-white motif and yet moving with its message. It shows different women and their close-up images of pain, struggle and fight that comes with love and heartbreak only to be made whole by becoming a mother and it’s so relatable. Clarkson is at her finest as she breaks down the walls in the message and video adaptation of the lyrics.


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“My Life Would Suck Without You”

Playful, young Clarkson…what could be better? This so is so early ’00s and it’s why we love it so much. In addition to showing off Clarkson’s singing chops it really tells a story about dating and romance and we can’t get enough.

“Because of You”

“Because of You” breaks our heart every time we hear it and see the video for it. It really paints a picture of the heartbreak that comes from your family fighting in front of you. Clarkson gets real as she sings the sad lyrics and witnesses the sadness that comes when someone breaks your family into pieces. Prepare to cry a little with this story and video.

“Because of You” Featuring Reba:

Just when you thought nothing could get better than the original “Because of You” video we were treated to this video with Clarkson’s mother-in-law Reba McEntire. It has ’50s glam mixed with the voiced of two of Hollywood’s finest and we’re not worthy. Clarkson channels her Jackie O with her ensembles and with McEntire by her side she can pick up the pieces of her abusive relationship and sing her heart out.

“Since U Been Gone”

This music video is Clarkson at her rocker prime. It features the tomboy side of the singer messing up her ex’s closet, destroying his bed and getting some major revenge by destroying his place. It’s Clarkson’s wild side and ends with her leaving in that fedora and it’s hilarious.

“Miss Independent”

As one of Clarkson’s most iconic tracks you knew we’d include it on our list. The video is one giant house party—like what you always imagined high school parties to be like—complete with a dreamy crush. Oh, and there is karaoke!

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