Kelly M. Cochran: Indiana Woman Accused Of Killing Nine People, Serving Husband’s Remains At BBQ

Although she’s accused of killing as many as nine people, she’s only accused of barbecuing one of them.

An Indiana woman who killed her husband is now accused of having served his remains to her unsuspecting neighbors at a barbecue, Fox News is reporting.

Kelly M. Cochran, 34, is already serving time for a 2014 murder, during which she killed a lover, Chris Regan, and dismembered him. Further, last month she admitted to killing her husband, Jason Cochran, back in 2016, by injecting him with heroin and smothering him with a pillow.

However, Cochran’s alleged crimes go further than those two confirmed murders. An upcoming Investigation Discovery documentary called Dead North, scheduled to air on May 28 and May 29, explores two horrifying possibilities. First, the documentary speculates that Cochran may have murdered as many as nine people in total, burying their bodies across the Midwest. And even more disturbingly, the documentary explores the possibility that Cochran may have barbecued her husband’s remains and served them to unsuspecting neighbors.

At the time of Jason Cochran’s murder, as Rolling Stone reported in August 2016, Kelly Cochran made her way across the country as authorities zeroed in on her following Chris Regan’s murder. While authorities were building a case against her, Jason Cochran turned up dead. She held a memorial service and even wrote on Facebook that his death was “the hardest thing I will ever have to deal with.”

Neighbors say Kelly Cochran may have served the remains of one of her victims at a barbecue :

— (@WTHRcom) May 10, 2018

However, after over 70 hours of questioning, Kelly admitted to the murder and led investigators to a wooded area in Michigan where they found some human remains. Those remains included a human skull with an apparent bullet hole, plus bones and bone fragments. Police also found a .22 caliber rifle, a .22 caliber bullet, and a pair of glasses at the scene.

The rest of Jason Cochran’s body was never found.

As to why investigators believe that a BBQ may have played a role in why Jason’s body was never found, you’ll have to wait until the documentary airs to get the rest of the story.

This is not the first time that a murderer has disposed of his or her victims by serving their remains as meat. As the Express reported in 2017, Maryland murderer Joseph Roy Metheny carried out a series of murders in the 1990s. Although never proven, Metheny claimed to have sold the remains of his victims as “special barbecue meat” by the side of the road. However, his claim has not been proven, and it is unclear how many passersby, if any, actually bought and/or consumed his “meat.”

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