Kendall Jenner Accused Photoshop Instagram Picture, Topless Photo

Yikes. Going nude isn’t anything new for Kendall Jenner, but supposedly photoshopping herself to look thinner IS and the internet is NOT letting her get away with it.

There’s nothing we get more lowkey excited about than seeing a new KJ Insta pop up in our feed. We were completely losing it over her latest post, but for all the wrong reasons. Yesterday Kendall posted a moody photo of herself whilst being topless, drinking wine, wearing only her Calvin’s and glaring at the camera. At first glance, this is one of Kenny’s most relatable pictures ever because seriously, who doesn’t want to drink wine in their Calvin’s on a regular day with their hair in a towel? Sign us up for that fun day!

But alas, the excitement over Kendall’s Insta pic was short lived because not long after the photo was posted, Kenny was accused of photoshopping herself to look thinner. Yeah, you read that correctly. Fans quickly pointed out in the comments that some apparent photo altering had gone on in this pic.

First stop — her iconic and classic Calvins. That bold Calvin Klein logo is normally crystal clear, but if you look at the left side the name is definitely blurred. Some basic level FaceTune or photoshop action could do this. However, it COULD also be a shadow but it didn’t really look that way to most people.

Now if you keep your eyes in the same general area and look at the wall that intersects with Kendall’s left thigh, that’s when things start looking super shady. Walls are supposed to be straight, right? Well, this one curves very slightly to the left. Another indication of an apparent photoshop fail. So the question here is simple: WHY? It appears Kendall may have attempted to flatten her already toned stomach to make this is the perfect Insta.

However, we have one more point to make — the timing. Some fans pointed out that Hailey Baldwin posted a very similar photo to this at the same time as Kendall. So if they were hanging out, did Kenny have TIME to open up the FaceTune app and make some edits? This honestly sounds like a case for the FBI, but who even knows if they’d be able to solve it.

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