Kevin McHale, Other Cast Members Speak Out About 'Trash' Glee Docuseries

The close-knit cast members are also questioning a writer who said cast was involved, with McHale tweeting, "Show me this 'cast' you speak of."

Kevin McHale is among those “Glee” cast members who have begun weighing in on the upcoming Investigation Discovery documentary about their time on the show, “The Price of Glee.”

In particular, the three-part docuseries said that it focuses on “the demands of being on a hit TV series and dark behind-the-scenes drama” — including the premature deaths of three original “Glee” stars.

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After promotional materials suggested that cast members may not be involved — touting the involvement of their friends and relatives, as well as crew members and reporters — writer Ashley Ray took to Twitter to assure fans “yes cast and crew are involved.”

That immediately didn’t sit well with McHale, who tweeted out, “Show me this ‘cast’ you speak of.” He followed that statement with a declarative, “This is [trash],’ using a trashcan emoji for the final word.

The cast of the show has remained famously close after wrapping on the series, coming together to mourn the loss of Naya Rivera most recently. The series also said goodbye to Cory Monteith during filming, and Mark Salling, who committed suicide in 2018 ahead of his sentencing for possession of child pornography.

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McHale followed up his initial tweet suggesting he has much more that he’d like to say, but is holding back. “This was the nice version, ftr [for the record],” he wrote. “Don’t make me speak on this again.”

It would appear his words reached Ray (he did tweet-quote her, after all) who conceded his point by tweeting, “ok so more crew and family than cast lmao.” She then shared a fuller description of the docuseries.

McHale and fellow cast-member Jenna Ushkowitz have been unpacking their own experiences with the show — and they have been working with the cast — on their own podcast, “And That’s What You REALLY Missed.”

In a recent interview about the ID series, she told Buzzfeed that it only makes her feel it’s even more important to do what they’re doing, “because we were the ones who were there. And we were the ones experiencing this. And we know what really happened.”

“For me, it feels even more pertinent to actually be the ones to share our experience when people are sharing experiences that they didn’t have,” she added.

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Chord Overstreet spoke passionately against the documentary, telling Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, “I think that’s all bulls—.”

“I think that anybody who knows anything about that show and has experienced it doesn’t have anything to do with that… from what I know,” he added. “We’re all really close and pretty much like family and no one knows anything about that. I think it’s a little bit about getting people to watch something… clickbait.”

Becca Tobin agreed with Overstreet’s sentiment way back in August, saying she’d been contacted “relentlessly” by someone trying to put together a series, but felt confident no one from the cast would get involved.

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“It doesn’t matter what happened on that set. At the end of the day it’s a family. It’s like a big dysfunctional family and there is a loyalty there,” she said on “Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino,” per Just Jared.

“Like mob mentality, where I’m like, I don’t care how much I hated this person at work,” she continued. “There’s something that runs so deep in my blood that I could hate you so much, but I don’t hate you enough. I don’t hate us enough to go do that.”

Earlier this week, ID dropped the first trailer for the upcoming docuseries, with a heavy emphasis on the three cast deaths and talk of the show’s so-called “curse.”

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The trailer focuses on some of the chilling details of their deaths. One clip showed footage of Salling in a body bag, while another highlighted footage from a press conference held by police after Rivera’s body was discovered in the Southern California lake.

Rivera’s father also appears in the trailer, saying, “I knew that was the top of the mountain for Naya. For your kid. It was just surreal.”

While the Ryan Murphy-created series aired its last episode in 2015, the docuseries’ description claims it will shed new light onto what went down behind the scenes “with unbiased filters.”

“The Price of Glee” will premiere on Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

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