Khloè Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Relationship Update

There has been a lot going down in the Kardashian-Jenner household lately. From Kylie’s not-so-secret pregnancy to the arrival of Kim’s daughter Chicago, and lately the newest baby on the block, True Thompson. Unfortunately for the first-time mom Khloè, what should’ve been a joyous time has had added pressure thrown on to it, after rumors of her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, being unfaithful. Kloè hasn’t addressed the reports herself, but that hasn’t stopped widespread speculation of what could be going on behind closed doors. Let’s recap and take a look at what the current situation is.


We are ready whenever you are little mama ?

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Just a few days before Khloè gave birth to her bundle of joy, the internet was set ablaze by photographs of Thompson going into a hotel room in NYC with an unidentified woman, while the mom-to-be was at home. Not long after they surfaced, TMZ published a video from October which apparently shows Thompson getting pretty heated with two women in a club. An eyewitness said he was making out with both of them, seemingly not worried about being spotted. It’s not the basketball star’s first brush with alleged infidelity, as he started dating the youngest Kardashian sister while his ex-girlfriend was still pregnant. Sounds a little fishy, right?

Now, sources told ETOnline that the two are trying to remain focused on newborn True, but the relationship is “not in a good place.” The source went on to give the insider-scoop on how things are between the new parents, saying that their future together as a couple isn’t a “sure thing.” Khloe is reportedly still hurting over everything that’s come out in the media, which cast a shadow over the long-awaited birth of their daughter. Currently, Khloè has set up shop at Tristan’s home in Cleveland, where they planned on raising the little one. Now, even that’s not certain. The 33-year-old is thinking about moving back to LA to be around her family while she figures out what to do moving forward, said a separate source.

Whatever the outcome, there’s no denying this is the last thing that a new mom needs.

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