Khloé Kardashian’s Optimism About Her Split With Tristan Thompson Shows She’s Moving On

In the months since news of Tristan Thompson’s second cheating scandal broke, Khloé Kardashian has shared updates here and there about how she’s healing after their breakup. And now, it sounds like she’s approaching the situation with nothing but positivity. While talking to E! News this week, Kardashian opened up about her life post-Thompson split, and her words are really inspiring, even after all she’s been through.

Although the scandal originally became public in February, last Sunday was the first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that tackled the situation as the family found out about the rumors of Thompson hooking up with Jordyn Woods. (Woods denied being "intimate" with Thompson while appearing on Red Table Talk, but did claim they kissed. Thompson has not publicly commented on the situation.)

And at the opening of a night club at Mohegan Sun on Saturday, Kardashian shared a few words on how she’s gotten through this difficult time in her life. She said:

Considering that Kardashian’s been going through a very public breakup with her 1-year-old daughter involved, it’s amazing that she’s still focusing on the positive. And so far, it sounds like it’s really serving her well.

Sunday’s KUWTK episode really put into perspective how things really went down when Kardashian found out that Thompson had cheated. Her family rallied around her, but she was obviously still heartbroken — more about being betrayed by a close family friend like Woods than anything else.

But through everything that’s happened, Kardashian has kept fans updated on the process of moving on. When the news first came out, she took to Twitter to share her feelings, writing at the time:

Since then, it seems like Kardashian has been focusing on all the happiness in her life (especially when it comes to True) and spending time with her friends and family. And now, it sounds like she’s really doing better now that some time has passed.

2019 has definitely been a challenging year for Kardashian so far, but it seems like she’s handling it like a champ. She deserves to find a fulfilling relationship someday, but until then, it sounds like she’s doing just fine.

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