Kim Kardashian Confirms She Approves *Every* Scene in 'KUWTK' Before It Airs

Kim Kardashian just stopped by Ashley Graham’s new podcast Pretty Big Deal, where she spent an entire hour talking about everything from how she’s raising her kids in the spotlight, to body image. But she also dished behind-the-scenes details about Keeping Up with the Kardashians, revealing that she’s basically in charge of every. single. edit.

“I’m not in the actual editing room but I watch every cut and every edit,” Kim said. “And that, I think, has always been the magic to being ourselves and showing everything, because we know that we could really have a say in it. [It’s] really rare for them to give us that from the start.”

So, does that mean Kim edits herself to look better? Nope! In fact she confirms, “we’ve never like really edited out crazy content.”

Oh, and the reality star also revealed that most of her family *really* didn’t want to star on KUWTK, saying “I had to like beg the whole family to be in it, because they didn’t want to do it.”

LOL. Now seems like a good time to break out this GIF:

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