Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Planning Truce With Taylor Swift After Katy Perry Does The Same

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are contemplating burying the hatchet with Taylor Swift after Katy Perry called an end to their feud! A Calabasas insider EXCLUSIVELY told HL that they’re ready to make peace!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s longstanding feud with Taylor Swift, 28, may be finally coming to a close. A Calabasas insider EXCLUSIVELY gave us the deets about how Kim and Kanye have been inspired by Katy Perry‘s recent gesture to Taylor, and how they’re considering extending the olive branch as well. “Kim and Kanye have actually been discussing reaching out to Taylor and squashing their beef after seeing what Katy did for her,” our source said. “It was such a grand gesture, and Kanye has been about peace and love, and Kim would love nothing more than for him to put that on display in the most ultimate way.” Honestly, if Kim, Kanye and Taylor find a way to end their beef, that’d be incredible — like, Nobel Peace Prize-winning kind of incredible.

However, if you’re hoping for a reconciliation to happen soon, you might have to wait a while. “Kanye is certainly thinking about it, but he wants to do it in a way that would symbolize the huge truce that he knows it will be,” our source went on to say. “And Kim feels it would go a long way toward showing people that he does have a heart and can move on from the past.”

Katy recently sent Taylor a literal olive branch and a note that read, “Hey old friend– I’ve been doing some thinking on past miscommunications and feelings between us and wanted to clear the air.” While that bad blood is finally over, time will tell whether or not Kimye will make a similar gesture to do the same.

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