Kinder Bueno brings back popular advent calendar – shoppers are all saying the same thing | The Sun

ASDA and Boots have brought back their Kinder Bueno advent calendar to shopper fanfare.

Facebook group Newfoodsuk posted an image of the chocolate calendar yesterday reporting it had been spotted in the two retailers.

The post has since received over 1,500 likes and been shared over 700 times, with shoppers sharing their excitement at the return of the product.

One person joked: "This would be finished in 10 mins. Never mind the whole of December."

Another shopper said: "Imagine waking up to a buenski every day of December – buzzing that."

While a third person added: "This. This is my advent calendar this year."

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It's not clear at this stage whether the festive product is available across all Boots and Asda stores but we have approached them to find out.

The calendar, which weighs 167 grams, is usually available to buy on Asda's website for £6, but the item is currently not in stock.

It is available on Boots' website though, although you'll have to fork out a whopping £10 for one.

How do other retailers compare?

It's always worth comparing how prices at supermarkets and retailers compare to make sure you're getting the best deal.

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Websites like for example show you how much a product is selling for across a range of stores.

For example, beyond Asda and Boots, you can buy the Kinder Bueno advent calendar in Morrisons and Selfridges.

It'll set you back £7 to buy it online from Morrisons and £6.99 from Selfridges.

It's £7 if you buy it from Ocado, the online grocery retailer.

That means your cheapest option is Asda, but you won't be able to buy one online for now.

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There's no guarantee you'll find it in your nearest store either.

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